Milan fashion week opens with hopes of economic comeback

By Antonella Ciancio MILAN | Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:29pm EST MILAN (Reuters) – Designers kicked off Milan fashion week on Wednesday with bold collections to persuade Italian shoppers that the worst of the economic crisis is over and it is time to hit the stores again. Fashion houses including PPR’s Gucci, Giorgio Armani and […]

‘Tell everybody behind home I’m sorry’: Jackson Jr. pleads guilty to fraud

(Former Chicago congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. enters a U.S. District Federal Courthouse in Washington Feb 20, 2013. Jackson, son of a famed polite rights leader, skeleton to beg guilty to charges filed on 15 Feb accusing him of misusing $750,000 in debate funds, his profession said. Jackson’s wife, Sandi Jackson, has also concluded to beg […]

Dr. Dre and Beats Electronics Sues Yamaha For Copying Headphone Design

Hip-hop noble Dr. Dre is suing Yamaha over headphones that are identical to his Beats By Dre design. According to a news by AllHipHop, lawyers representing Beats Electronics filed opposite Yamaha for selling a line of “PRO” headlines that copies Dre’s famous design. The fit says it infringes on their pattern patents and that Yamaha’s […]

Future Soldiers will have stretchable wiring everywhere

ADELPHI, Md. (Feb. 19, 2013) — More than 10 years ago, U.S. Army researchers saw intensity in stretchable displays. With zero in a marketplace, a Army motionless to change that by partnering with attention and academia to emanate a Flexible Display Center during Arizona State University. The Army’s idea was to get this extraordinary record […]

Why Do We Want Prices in Health Care?

A couple of days ago I fell to talking about price-setting in health care with a certified Very Smart Economist. Bart Wilson is the Donald P Kennedy Professor of Economics and Law at Chapman University, where he works with Vernon Smith, the chap who won the Nobel Prize for helping to invent experimental economics. We […]

How Guinea Pigs Could Help Autistic Children

A guinea pig does its part for science and human relations by sitting on the lap of an autistic child.

Enlarge image i A guinea pig does its part for science and human relations by sitting on the lap of an autistic child. Erin Burnett/Courtesy of Maggie O’Haire A guinea pig does its part for science and human relations by sitting on the lap of an autistic child. Erin Burnett/Courtesy of Maggie O’Haire Feeling a […]

How We Can Fix Charities

Pool donations. Ultimately, free investments might be best left to professionals. Consider a approach Americans deposit in a batch market. In many ways, it is distant easier to deposit for distinction than to make socially sound donations. There are, after all, usually some 15,000 publicly traded companies in a United States and, by law, any […]

Get giveaway samples and high-value coupons from VocalPoint – Sun

I perceived giveaway representation parcel by mail of a new Pantene Expert Collection shampoo and conditioner along with a $3-off banking good on possibly product from The Procter Gamble website is a good approach to try new products for giveaway and measure high-value coupons to save on new or new-and-improved products. Create a giveaway […]

Shopping Snapshots: Feb. 28

By ERICA M. BLUMENTHAL The Handbags That Carry a Day Reece Solomon, who designs a Reece Hudson purse line, is roving a wave. Her textured clutches and strappy city bags, prolonged favorites of conform insiders, have a newfound recognition among celebrities and street-style stars. Beyoncé Instagrammed a shot of herself with a subjugation purchase (there’s […]

H&M Crashes Paris Fashion Week

Benoit Tessier/ReutersHM, fall 2013. Three days after crashing the Oscars red carpet by dressing Helen Hunt in a strapless gown, HM, the Swedish fast fashion retailer, crashed Paris Fashion Week. It has been eight years since HM presented a runway show for its signature label, not counting its big promotions with Donatella Versace and Maison […]