A Gay-Themed Children’s Book in a Country That’s Outlawed Gay-Themed …

Anti-gay activists threw eggs and rocks at gay rights demonstrators in St. Petersburg last month, shouting “Sodomy will not pass.” The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church recently called gay marriage “apocalyptic.” And in June, the Russian government outlawed discussing LGBT issues with minors by officially prohibiting “homosexual propaganda” and making the distribution of gay-rights […]

Charities creation transition from evident service to prolonged tenure care

MOORE, Okla. — Edith Morales says she’s dismayed she survived, nonetheless her liberation will continue to be prolonged and painful. Her spine was severed, 6 vertebrae splintered, and both her face and hands were crushed. Edith will need long-term caring due to paralysis, nonetheless does not have medical insurance. Where are a millions of dollars […]

100 years of T-shirts: Fashion icon celebrates centennial

(CBS News) At Custom Ink‘s headquarters just outside Washington D.C., T-shirts are serious business. The company has been cranking out shirts, sweats and hats for 14 years. Marlon Brando in the 1951 film, “A Streetcar Named Desire.” / Warner Brothers This summer, they’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of their number-one seller: The T-shirt. The U.S. […]

Eagles Pro Shop opens in Cherry Hill selling mall – The Bridgeton News

While a Philadelphia Eagles’ deteriorate might have finished in beating final year, a passion over Eagles football is starting to rekindle in Cherry Hill. The Eagles Pro Shop, a store specializing in central NFL sell and memorabilia dedicated to Philadelphia’s football team, non-stop during a Market Place during Garden State Park on Wednesday. The day […]

In Portland, Ore., Dining Gets Fine Without Losing Flair

Of course, this isn’t news. The food world has long been tipped off to Portland’s food scene, in which delicious dining has been gleefully divorced from old-school notions of propriety, service and polish. Tattooed butcher-chefs man makeshift kitchens and food carts. Thai drinking food is as popular as artisanal charcuterie. On a trip there this […]

Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy Tied to Risks for Kids

Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy Tied to Risks for Kids By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, July 18 (HealthDay News) — The children of women who take drugs to treat epilepsy during pregnancy may be at increased risk for physical and mental developmental delays early in life, a large, new study finds. Epilepsy is fairly common […]

Orioles’ Chris Davis ties American League home run mark

With one final energy swell before a All-Star break, initial baseman Chris Davis warranted a place in a record book. Davis strike his 37th home run to tie a American League record for home runs before a break, and a Baltimore Orioles cruised past a Toronto Blue Jays, 7-4, Sunday. Davis doubled in dual runs […]

Why 3D Printing Will Work In Fashion

In case you haven’t heard, 3D printing has entered the mainstream, and it will disrupt every industry’s manufacturing processes slightly differently. Let’s talk about why it will work in fashion. 3D printing is not entirely new to the fashion industry, as jewelry designers have for years outsourced quick modeling jobs to printing companies. But as […]