Last day to use Harris Teeter Rainchecks with coupons

Reminder: Tuesday, 3/29/17, is a final day to use rainchecks with coupons during Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter announced currently a new Raincheck Policy that includes death dates, a outrageous change in stacking with coupons and information on how prolonged we have to use your stream rainchecks. If we use rainchecks during Harris Teeter we know […]

Rockville can lead the way on smoke-free outdoor dining

On Monday, the Rockville City Council will hold a public hearing on an ordinance to ensure smoke-free air at all outdoor dining areas citywide. This development builds on a remarkable series of steps that state and local policymakers in our area have taken over the past 15 years to reduce residents’ exposure to the dangers […]

Putting the Republicans’ Health Plan on the Obamacare Scale

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7 things Amazon Echo can do that Google Home can’t

Top 5 things Amazon’s Alexa can do that Google Home can’t Amazon’s conduct start in a intelligent orator marketplace creates Alexa tough to beat. by Iyaz Akhtar While Google Home can do a lot that a Echo can’t — like contextual conversations or throwing images and videos to your televisions — it has copiousness of […]

Nike Inc’s Online Shopping Problem

Nike (NYSE:NKE) batch dipped after a company’s latest quarterly formula showed diseased sales expansion opposite a branded attire portfolio. The association suggested a few surprisingly diseased holiday-quarter metrics, including a fact that income gains didn’t accelerate in a vicious U.S. marketplace as government had been targeting. Profitability also continued to parasite reduce as Nike cut prices […]

High-value Honest Weight Co-op coupons entrance Thursday

  If you’re a fan of Honest Weight Food Co-op or wish to simply try this Capital Region gem, be certain to collect adult a duplicate of Thursday’s Times Union. There will be a hang featuring several really high-value coupons in jubilee of a store’s 2017 Times Union Best Of a Capital Region wins. They were […]

Was valuables stolen from your home? Look for it on this website

There are watches, bracelets, and rings. There are heirlooms done of china and gold. There are candlesticks and medals and tea sets.  The valuables, some-more than 50,000 equipment in all, were stolen from homes in a segment and dictated for resale during 3 stores on Jewelers Row, military say. Now, a recovered equipment are cataloged on […]

How to Recycle Electronics

Technology plays pivotal roles in a bland lives, though how do we scrupulously dispose of wiring when they’re no longer usable?Electronic rubbish can be simply recycled. News 13′s Tyler Waggenspack joins us live in a studio with tips for removing absolved of aged electronics. Tyler, what can people do? Frances, a biggest tip: do not […]

Santiago Barberi Gonzalez, a Colombian Fashion Star, Dies at 40

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Charities And Their Benevolence

Posted: Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017 9:41 pm Charities And Their Benevolence By William Kerr For a Press Dakotan | 0 comments Did we ever consternation how good these several benevolences do for those they contend they are serving? Lois and we did many, many years ago. One day, we detected a American Institute of Philanthropy, […]