3Doodler Features David Cunningham’s Solid Gold Jewelry and Other Doodler-Casted Pieces


I have pronounced it here before, we think, and if we haven’t afterwards we am observant it now: a world’s initial 3D copy pen, a 3Doodler, is an extraordinary device that continues to impress me simply in a difficulty of artistic flexibility alone. Just demeanour during a new winners announced in a 3Doodler Awards 2015, that famous 8 opposite categories including education, interior design, churned media, and my personal favorite, fashion, including jewelry. Speaking of 3Doodled jewelry, now 3Doodler creates news again by presenting a world’s initial plain bullion 3Doodles by David Cunningham. These bullion pieces, and his other creations, pronounce to a approach artistic creativity is desirous by this oh-so-versatile 3D copy pen.

jew4New York-based valuables engineer David Cunningham of DGC Jewelers is among a initial to 3Doodle casts and afterwards spin them into excellent valuables — including 14K plain bullion pieces. This 3Doodled casting was a bit of an examination for all involved, as 3Doodler reports that Cunningham had inquired either they suspicion casting with a coop would work. (A friend sent him a 3Doodled heart and wanted it expel in gold, call a question.) And theory what? The folks during 3Doodler weren’t certain until they saw a formula of his experimentation: a 14K bullion heart. Naturally, this led him to pursue some-more valuables casting projects, and now we can see a formula of this new method: 3Doodle-cast excellent jewelry!

Other 3Doodlers dabbling in valuables creation and casting will be extraordinary to hear how this initial routine began, regulating his onyx match (see left)P as an example:

“There was a comparatively brief training bend in training how to control a pen, anticipating a aspect a square would hang to, and bargain what it is means of; though a plea wasn’t in how we were going to make it, though rather what we were going to settlement with it. For me a onyx match was a kind of work in progress. we used a triangle tip and printed roughly like we was decorating a cake with frosting. This gave me a figure that we unequivocally liked, though we didn’t know what to do with. we printed a whirl handle around it and expel it, though it wasn’t until we was looking during a expel square that we motionless to antique a pattern, and set an onyx stone during a bottom that finished a look.”


Regarding a onyx pendant, Cunningham reports that they were really astounded how opposite a pieces looked compared to those printed in several colored plastic.

jew6To 3Doodler’s doubt as to either a “melting cosmetic medium” facilitated any new forms unthinkable otherwise, Cunningham explained that this, in fact, was one of their settlement goals with a pen. They wanted to find forms differently unfit to emanate regulating other normal methods. The finish formula were forms organic to a coop itself, as Cunningham described here:

“The organic demeanour and movement of thick and thin, and even some of a small mistakes, supplement to a seductiveness and interest of what we make with a 3Doodler. On a two-tone pin we used a triangle tip, and while extruding it we were means to turn it before it hardened, giving us a cold rambling look; while this is something we could have finished with triangular wire, it was still something fun to do with a Doodler.”

For both 3Doodlers and 3D printed valuables designers who have nonetheless to examination themselves with a 3Doodler, DGC Jewellers has non-stop a settlement doorway here that creates valuables settlement some-more permitted overall. Is this something you’d like to try? Discuss in a 3Doodler Casting forum over during 3DPB.com.

Article source: http://3dprint.com/120547/3doodler-solid-gold-jewelry/

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