Area charities block off in bracket-style fundraiser

Let a games start and whet adult your “bracket skills” for good causes.

Starting during 8 p.m. Friday, STL charities will block off in Brackets For Good St. Louis’ fundraising contest formed on a NCAA men’s basketball playoffs.

Using a joint rejecting system, a 64 charities will try to lift some-more income than an foe in a initial turn game.

Winners of a initial turn will pierce on to face another winner — though a income sum will be reset to 0 for a subsequent contest. The appropriation expostulate continues until one gift stands atop of a bracket.

One of a internal groups sponsoring a tourney is YouthBridge Community Foundation. Michael Howard, a foundation’s chief, said, “We’re behaving donors in a fun approach to support a needs of a community.”

The ultimate joint leader also will accept $10,000 from a inhabitant Brackets For Good organization.

Last year in STL, a expostulate lifted some-more than $190,000, with Athletes In Action circumference out HEROES Care.

Also, a inhabitant classification is for a initial time holding a inhabitant foe for incomparable non-profit groups. Our burgh’s Stray Rescue is competing in that fundraiser.

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