Armed Man Robs Fashion Valley Jewelry Store


A valuables store in was attacked during Saturday, officials said.

The contemptuous spoliation happened right in front of shoppers around 6:30 p.m. during Royal Maui Jewelers.

Department Lt. Paul Rorrison pronounced a male armed with a gun entered a store, approached one of a sales associates and demanded some jewelry.

Lt. Rorrison pronounced a worker complied and gave a think some jewelry.

The accurate value of a stolen valuables was not disclosed, though indicated that a think demanded several high-end watches.

No one was injured, and a armed male fled a stage before military could arrive.

Store employees told officers they saw a think walking fast towards a mall’s easterly parking lot. According to declare accounts, a male might have fled a mall in a red roving eastward on Road.

Police set adult a fringe around a mal following a robbery. They were incompetent to locate a suspect.

Police pronounced a think is described as a white male in his 50s, 6 feet high and about 200 pounds. He has and was wearing a brownish-red shirt and during a time of a valuables heist.

The occurrence is underneath investigation. Anyone with information is urged to hit a .

Meanwhile, shoppers during Fashion Valley were dumbfounded by a incident. Some pronounced it was frightening to learn that a male armed with a gun had been walking in a bustling mall among so many shoppers.

“It’s very, really scary. It’s not a protected feeling,” Fashion Valley shopper Bailey Garcia told NBC 7. “This is a really bustling mall. It’s installed with all these businesses and anytime someone is doing a spoliation that is armed, a hazard to a open is really clear.”

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