Ashtabula County Christmas tree selling is in full swing

Rural roads were packaged with Christmas tree shoppers on Saturday afternoon as area farms helped move a holiday suggestion to many people from a Cleveland area and beyond.

Manners Tree Farm has prolonged been a “destination” mark finish with horse-drawn wagons, live party and food options only to name a few.

Two vast parking areas were filled to a max early on Saturday afternoon and dozens of cars were parked along a side of Dodgeville Road so people could knowledge their holiday tradition.

“It was like this all (last) weekend,” pronounced Ruth

Manners who owns a plantation with her father Kevin Lemon. She pronounced some-more people are entrance to knowledge a normal Christmas tree selling knowledge as there are some-more trees.

Manners pronounced she

has been operative a plantation for about 28 years and started to “wind down” a operation a bit 18 years ago for about 6 years as she planted reduction trees.

She pronounced her father began replanting some-more trees about 12 years ago so some business who stopped entrance are behind to a farm.

“We have about 40,000 trees,” she said.

The plantation is also celebrating a 50th year of giving a “pine tree shilling,” a wooden nickel, to their customers, she said.

The horse-drawn wagons collect business adult nearby a highway and “lodge” and take them out to cut their possess trees. As shortly as one car returned it was unloaded, refilled and off to a woods.

Some business grabbed their tree and headed for their cars while others hung out in a “lodge” to listen to live Christmas music.

Sarna’s Tree Farm in Jefferson is also off to a good holiday season, pronounced Daisy Asmus who manages a family farm. She pronounced a comfortable continue helps one partial of a family business though hurts a other side. “It (the comfortable weather) is good for decorations and wreathers (which they sell) though we have people who wait for sleet for a trees.

Christmas tree selling deteriorate non-stop a bit early this year with Thanksgiving entrance progressing in a month than many years. “It ends adult being 5 weeks (of shopping) instead of four,” she said.

The tree of choice is a Canaan Fir, Asmus said. She pronounced family members and friends do a labor during a farm.

Trevor Burlingame, 17, was bustling boring trees to watchful vehicles. “It’s not my favorite thing to do though it creates other people happy,” he pronounced with a smile.

Cleveland area

resident Luke Ockenden, of Lyndhurst, carried his family tree out of Manners Tree Farm on his shoulder and pronounced they make a outing easterly for a family time. He pronounced this was a second year in a row.

“It is a fun place,” he said.

Tonya Lundi, of Austinburg Township, pronounced her family has been entrance to Manners Tree Farm for 6 years. “I have never seen it this busy,” she said.

Rick Bender, of Bender Tree Farm in Sheffield Township, pronounced it has been a good start to a holiday season. He pronounced continue is a good barometer of Christmas tree selling interest.

“Last Saturday it rained and nobody came after 3 p.m. and Sunday we were bustling all day,” he pronounced of a plantation he has operated for 21 years.

“On a bad (weather) days they (customers) will buy a pre-cut (trees) and on days like currently (sunny) they will go out and cut their own,” he said.

Bender pronounced he has re-planted several some-more fields and will have a lot some-more trees in several years.

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