‘Breaking Bad’ fundraiser funnels money to one of America’s misfortune charities

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Breaking Bad addicts only mislaid their possibility to save Walter White from lung cancer.

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For years AMC ran a website that authorised fans to give income to a cancer gift on interest of a depot lead character. Thursday, a wire hire incited off a present button.

The preference was done after AMC officials schooled they had been directing tens of to a gift ranked as one of a nation’s 50 misfortune by a Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting. The rankings are formed on a volume of income charities spend on outward fundraisers.

AMC private a couple from savewalterwhite.com that had destined people to a Coalition. AMC officials told a contributor they are examining a correspondence of steering people to a charity, that seemed during No. 21 on a Times/CIR list.

No word nonetheless on either a new gift will be featured on a site.

In a second deteriorate of AMC’s Breaking Bad, when Walt’s son learns that his father has been diagnosed with lung cancer, he creates a website to assistance lift income for his dad’s treatments. Walt’s profession afterwards advises him that he should use a website to refine a income he is creation as a drug dealer.

At a same time a feign website was featured on a show, AMC launched an tangible website: savewalterwhite.com. The site destined people to present to a National .

A mouthpiece for AMC could not explain how a network chose a cancer gift as a target of fans’ good will.

According to AMC’s website, savewalterwhite.com brought some-more than $125,000 in donations to National Cancer Coalition in Raleigh, N.C., between a time a website was set adult in 2009 and Oct 2012.

No one seems to have asked what a gift does with a money.

The National Cancer Coalition’s settled goal is to assistance patients and families influenced by cancer and other critical diseases. It is one of a nation’s biggest charities, with annual income of some-more than $140 million.

Most of that reported income is not cash, though donated medicine and medical supplies. In 2011, a gift claimed it was donating drugs for a vaccination module in Ghana, a explain a classification handling a module denied.

Although a gift officials claimed in a QA posted on AMC’s website that it gives income to organizations that assistance cancer patients compensate for things like gasoline, a Times/CIR review found that about 1 percent of all a income lifted by solicitors for a gift over a past decade was given to organizations or to patients.

The National Cancer Coalition pronounced there is no grave attribute between a gift and AMC or Breaking Bad. A orator pronounced a gift is unapproachable of a work and does not trust it should be enclosed on a list of a misfortune charities.

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