Building Charities buys, restores and sells ancestral homes to advantage …

The late Billie Hazard was always vigilant in her community, ancillary and volunteering with her children’s schools, garden clubs, a Humane Society and Junior League.

When a Rhode Island internal died during a age of 91 in 2016, her daughter Elizabeth Hazard wanted to lift on her bequest of giving behind to a community.

Hazard, a former Charleston proprietor who now lives in Virginia, came adult with an innovative and free way.

“When my mom died, she left me some money. we wanted to do something special with it, something that would keep giving and assistance a community,” says Hazard.

Hazard combined “Building Charities” with a devise to buy ancestral homes, reconstruct and update, and afterwards sell them, with a vigilant to yield half of a increase to charity. Most of a other half goes to compensate a taxes and account destiny projects. She does not distinction privately from a endeavor.

“I consider she would be usually anxious that this is happening,” says Hazard, who tapped her imagination and contacts in renovating ancestral homes in Charleston for a effort.

In a initial project, a restoration of 182 Tradd St. authorised Building Charities to present $235,000 to 35 charities.

Major gifts of $25,000 any were done to a Coastal Conservation League, a Charleston Library Society, Charleston Collegiate School, a Preservation Society of Charleston and a American College of a Building Arts.

But to engage all who were partial of a property’s alleviation and sale — from a executive and genuine estate agents to carpenters and plumbers — many were asked to name charities, as well. Multiple gifts in a amounts of $500, $5,000 and $10,000 were done to charities both nearby and far. Some embody Chucktown Squash, Surfers for Strays, Breast Friends Brazil and UNICEF USA’s Mexico trembler service for children.

Earlier this month, a collaborators and a internal beneficiaries collected to accommodate any other, applaud and palm out checks.


Chris Walker and Francisco Gonzalez of Caliber Construction work on 64 Tradd St., that will be sole by Building Charities to lift income for nonprofits. David Quick/Staff

Contractor Micah Elliot of Caliber Construction, who chose 3 organizations (Love Like That,  South Carolina Aquarium and a Juvenile Diabetes Foundation – Palmetto Chapter), admits he was a bit impressed during a celebration, observant that it had a surpassing outcome on a work crew.

“In general, everybody works some-more together. They like that they were concerned and means to collect a charity,” says Elliot.

In a minute posted on a Building Charities website, Charleston Collegiate’s Hacker Burr voiced thankfulness and called a school’s preference as “a opinion of certainty in a mission.”

“The Building Charities business indication is a ideal instance of talent during work and is accurately what we inspire a students to do themselves. Mrs. Hazard is looking during an attention and regulating her creativity and creation to interrupt a market, something each businessman hopes to achieve,” says Burr, adding, “There could be no finer commemorative to Billie (Hazard) than restoring houses while also providing income to charities.”

Hazard and others concerned with Building Charities aren’t resting on a laurels of a success of that initial project.

Another residence during 70 Church St., featuring 3 opposite units, has been renovated and is for sale, listed by Handsome Properties, and 3 houses away, a crews fabricated by Caliber are bustling operative on 64 Church St.

Hazard says a Building Charities indication also aims to yield skill-improving jobs for stream and budding craftsmen, including interns from a American College of Building Arts, by restoring ancestral homes in a supportive way.

Kristopher King, executive executive of The Preservation Society of Charleston, trumpeted Hazard’s work during a organization’s annual assembly progressing this month, observant that a multitude “couldn’t have a some-more ideal partner.”

“It’s not flipping houses. It’s socially unwavering residence flipping,” says King, observant Hazard’s seductiveness in anticipating buyers who wish to live in a homes, work in Charleston and “contribute to healthy neighborhoods.”


This insinuate corridor leads from a private backyard to a travel during 70 Church St. David Quick/Staff

Yet another component of Building Charities, King noted, was a celebration.

“It brought internal nonprofits together. We are essay for larger collaboration, that has not been a strength of a community. If a donors are being collaborative, it will usually meant we do improved during cooperating, as well,” says King.

Realtor John Dunnan, who along with Elizabeth Dixon, both of Handsome Properties, says they anxious to be operative with Building Charities.

In all, Dunnan and Dixon showed Hazard 22 properties before selecting 182 Tradd and 70 Church streets as a initial houses for Building Charities.

“I like a whole concept,” says Dunnan. “Building Charities is a good further to Charleston.”

While nonprofits benefit, Hazard says Building Charities is a singular guilt corporation, not a nonprofit, mostly due to a paperwork required. She adds, “At some point, I’ll make it a nonprofit.” For now, she’s some-more focused on removing a subsequent dual properties sole to yield gifts in 2018.

“This is some-more than a win-win,” says Hazard. “It’s a win squared since we do 4 things: we reconstruct houses, we yield jobs to a community, we present income and we yield a lovingly easy residence to people who wish to live in Charleston.

“You don’t get any improved than that.”

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