Why working women keep quiet about their children

Why working women keep quiet about their children Article source: https://www.ft.com/content/528a86e2-db6d-11e7-a039-c64b1c09b482

Children’s Hospital foundation shifts strategy

Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation was asked to move from the hospital two years ago for renovations of its space, Burns said. Three staff members continued to occupy a single office at Children’s Hospital, but 14 others moved to the fifth floor of the Hutzel Professional Building in 2015. That location was not easily accessible, […]

Do Your Children Receive Health Coverage Through CHIP?

What is your name? * First and last preferred, please. Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/12/14/health/families-receiving-chip-coverage.html

More than a million children could lose their health insurance next year

More than a million lower-income children are at risk of losing their health insurance next year if Congress doesn’t act soon. Federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program ran out at the end of September. Though the program enjoys bipartisan support, it has still gotten caught up in the political battles playing out on […]

How white parents are addressing racism – by reading to their children

November 29, 2017 Webster Groves, Mo.—Erin Brennan was reading “Ron’s Big Mission” out loud when her 5-year-old daughter stopped her. They were learning about how astronaut Ron McNair, who grew up black in Jim Crow times, would go to the library to read about flight and space – but was never allowed to check out books. […]

UN urges immediate evacuation of 137 Syrian children

The UN children’s agency has called for the immediate evacuation of scores of sick Syrian children from a besieged rebel-held enclave on the outskirts of Damascus, amid continued violence. Five children in Eastern Ghouta have reportedly died, while 137 others require immediate medical assistance, UNICEF said in a statement on Sunday. The children, aged seven months to 17 […]

Children, adults in need post Christmas wishes

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How Children Change the Way We See

To be five years old is to be surprised by life. I’m amused by my children’s awe at quotidian things—a toy helicopter, a bubble bath, the visible tentacles on a plate of calamari. And I’m envious of their ability to attain something I often can’t: a state of transcendence induced by art. That might sound […]

Baby boomers could end up $227000 richer if they stop bankrolling their adult children

AP Photo/Alan Diaz Parents who pay for their adult children might be hurting their retirement. Paying for their children’s expenses could cost parents up to $227,000 in retirement savings, according to a NerdWallet analysis. Parents need to figure out whether they can afford to pay for their adult children. If not, they should ask their […]

10 hunting licenses issued to Wisconsin children under a year old after Scott Walker eliminates minimum hunting age

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources sold 10 hunting licenses to children under a year old after Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that eliminated the state’s minimum hunting age. Walker signed a Republican bill on Nov. 13 doing away with the 10-year-old minimum age to participate in a mentored hunt. The DNR released data Tuesday […]