Government failing to educate, integrate Roma children

Romani children in Slovakia are segregated in schools, bullied by teachers and misdiagnosed as mentally disabled because of anti-Roma racism, according to human rights groups. The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Amnesty International said on Wednesday that Romani children in primary school, aged between five and 11, were systematically denied their rights to education, […]

2 of a Farmer’s 3 Children Overdosed. What of the Third — and the Land?

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Current, former UCLA football players unite to inspire children

As he watched dozens of children flit about a field on the upper part of UCLA’s campus Saturday afternoon, Kenny Young saw younger versions of himself. “They’re bad, they’re energetic, they never get tired,” the Bruins linebacker said. “They like to play around. They remind me of my childhood for sure. Right now they just […]

Children invited to color Monarchs on a Mission

FILE – In this Nov. 12, 2015, file photo, a guide holds up a damaged and dying butterfly at the monarch butterfly reserve in Piedra Herrada, Mexico State, Mexico. Storms caused a big spike in the number of trees blown down or lost to heavy branch damage in forests where migrating monarch butterflies spend the […]

Before Fatal Fire, Trouble Abounded at Guatemala Children’s Home

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Adults who choose not to have children inspire moral outrage in study participants

March 1 (UPI) – A new study suggests adults who choose to delay starting a family — or decide to not have children — are being socially stigmatized. Researchers in Indiana found study participants consistently displayed bias against adults who opt to not have children. “What’s remarkable about our findings is the moral outrage participants […]

Serial number 00000: Fake ‘Children Bank of India’ notes dispensed by SBI ATM

A State Bank of India ATM in south Delhi’s Sangam Vihar dispensed fake Rs 2,000 notes, which appeared genuine at first glance but a closer look revealed a wealth of deliberate errors that suggested the hand of a hopeless prank. A customer care executive of a call centre in Chhatarpur became the prankster’s victim when […]

Mother, 4 children killed in western Massachusetts fire

WARWICK, Mass. –  A mother and four children were killed when a massive fire ripped through their western Massachusetts home early Saturday morning. A 911 call was made around 12:45 a.m., and when Warwick fire crews arrived at the scene, they said an adult and child were running down the driveway away from the home. […]

The child abuse scandal of the British children sent abroad

Image caption Buildings at Bindoon were constructed by migrant children For several decades, the UK sent children across the world to new lives in institutions where many were abused and used as forced labour. It’s a scandal that is still having repercussions now. Imagine the 1950s, in the years before air travel became commonplace or […]

Julia Bradbury urges parents to ignore the law and take children on …

Former Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury has said the travel industry is “evil” for cynically inflating prices during school holidays and has urged parents to ignore the law and take their children away in term time. Bradbury, 46, who has a five-year-old son, Zephyr and one-year-old twins, Zena and Xanthe, said children needed to spend more […]