Why Are These Ikea Dressers Killing Children?

A 2-year-old boy died after an Ikea dresser fell on him in May—the eighth child killed by these dressers. His death comes years after the company began a recall for the dressers and months after the company reached a settlement with families of other children who died. The recall, reannounced Tuesday, covers 17.3 million dressers sold in […]

Homeless man rescues children from burning apartment in Las …

A homeless man came to the rescue of two small children who were trapped inside a burning apartment in Las Vegas on Friday, authorities said. Anival Angulo, 36, who is currently homeless, noticed smoke coming from an east Las Vegas apartment building and heard children crying as he was walking by the area just before […]

Five killed, including three children, after stolen car crashes in Leeds

Five people, including three children, have been killed after a stolen car crashed into a tree in Leeds. The youngest victim was a 12-year-old boy. Two 15-year-old boys and two men aged 24 and 28 also died. Two 15-year-old boys are in custody but police have not disclosed why they are being held. The accident occurred […]

ISIS Targeting US Children As Revenge for Syrian Airstrikes

A group affiliated with the Islamic State is calling on lone wolves in America and Europe to attack Western children in retaliation for the death of Muslim children during airstrikes in Syria, according to an intelligence group. The message was posted in a pro-ISIS Telegram channel on Monday and spread across a variety of pro-ISIS chat […]

Children in need share holiday wish lists on gift tags

Things of My Very Own, Inc shared some of the wish lists written by children who ask for basic items, including food and clothes to keep warm. The organization describes itself as a “crisis intervention services to children impacted by extensive abuse and/or neglect.” This year, children were given the opportunity to write items on […]

Suicidal children abandoned by NHS, Commissioner tells Parliament

Suicidal children are being abandoned, the Children’s Commissioner has warned as she called for ‘seismic change’ to mental health services for the young. Anne Longfield said understaffed and fragmented services meant minors are being turned away even if they say they no longer wanted to live. Her warning to MPs followed a report which showed […]

Chinese police detain woman suspected of abusing children at Beijing kindergarten

Authorities in China detained a woman Saturday on suspicion of abusing children at a Beijing kindergarten run by a U.S.-listed company in a case that has caused nationwide anger. Police in Beijing’s Chaoyang district said in a statement that an investigation into a kindergarten run by Beijing-based RYB Education has led to the criminal detention […]

Children losing the ability to hold a conversation because of technology, Wimpy Kid author says

Kinney, whose books have been translated into more than 50 languages, added: “Screen time is the issue that every parent is facing these days.” The US author, who created Poptropica, a virtual world website for kids featuring games and stories, has been penning the Wimpy Kid series for 10 years. “During the time I have […]

Rescue Mission launches fundraising campaign to improve services for women and children

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UK laws around smacking children are changing – everything you need to know

Rules around smacking children across the UK are changing as a result of new laws coming into force. Changes are planned in Scottish and Welsh legal systems which will make it illegal to hit a child. In England it’s already illegal to do so, as it is to hit anyone. However there’s a legal defence […]