Chamber Modernizes Coupon Program As Search Begins for Missing ‘Libby Bucks’

The Libby Chamber of Commerce has launched an bid to update a “Libby Bucks” module after a vast series of a coupons went missing, call an review by a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Chamber boss Amber Pacheco-Holm pronounced they have been charity “Libby Bucks” for some-more than 30 years in an bid to inspire internal spending. The coupons are printed in $10 increments and are used as a renouned holiday reward for internal businesses. The coupons have a same value as income and internal businesses that accept them can sell them for genuine income with a chamber.

“It encourages people to spend their income in Libby and it helps keeps income local,” she said.

In 2017, a cover sole some-more than $55,000 value of Libby Bucks. Many of a chamber’s 200 internal businesses attend in a program.

But late final year, a cover satisfied that a series of a coupons had left missing. Pacheco-Holm declined to go into sum about how a cover detected a coupons went blank or how many are unaccounted for, observant that a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is now questioning a incident. Sheriff Roby Bowe pronounced it’s too early in a review to contend what competence have happened.

However, a questioning into a blank Libby Bucks is difficult by a fact that a cover does not know how many coupons have been printed and nothing of them have sequence numbers. To scold that, a cover is enlivening people to come in to have a sequence series combined to all coupons now in circulation. Local businesses or a cover will no longer accept those coupons that do not have a sequence series after Mar 1.

“This will helps us put a complement in place to improved conduct a Libby Bucks program,” Pacheco-Holm said.

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