CHART: Google Raked In The Ad Dollars When It Went After Amazon Last Year

CEO hinted to Wall Street on his Q4 2012 gain call that he was “really excited” about Google’s new e-commerce play, Google Shopping.

The new hunt underline allows retailers to buy hunt formula for people looking for something like “” and arrangement them as products — a bit like a approach Amazon displays a goods.

Google Shopping was a large gamble for Google since until Sep it was giveaway for retailers to list products that were searchable in Google Shopping. The formula of that riot were not great, so Google asked clients to compensate to be listed.

Google’s listings seem ABOVE hunt listings for a same products on Amazon — an indicator that a dual companies are sealed in a fight over e-commerce.

We’ve got information from Marin Software, a large customer of ads on Google for clients such as , display a large boost in spending on “product inventory ads,” a used by Google Shopping. The new payments seem to be operative utterly easily for Google. on product inventory ads increasing 600% from Jan to Dec among Marin’s clients, a association says:


Marin Software

“When Google announced their new extended selling knowledge and a vigilant to transition selling ads from organic formula to paid, they took a risk that a pierce would divide retailers,” says Matt , vp/marketing during Marin. “Google’s decision, however, appears to be profitable … During a fourth entertain of 2012, we saw some retailers allot as most as 30% of their spend towards PLAs.”

This draft shows that advertisers shifted their spending brew after Google asked them to compensate for PLAs. Google Shopping ads are now eating into a marketplace share of a normal content ads that Google is famous for, Marin says:


Marin Software

Disclosure: The author owns Google stock.

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