Check out charities before donating

As we all know, some tools of Texas have gifted critical extinction as a outcome of Hurricane Harvey. As with any such disaster a rapist component and unpalatable businesses swoop in like vultures on roadkill.

In addition, in sequence to support those in need, many charities are combined to flue assistance to a influenced area. Sadly, many feign charities stand adult in sequence to take advantage of those who are peaceful to give.

So we need to be really discreet when giving to any gift to support those in Texas. One corroboration website,, has a specific inventory of current charities assisting people in Texas. Another source to determine a standing of a gift is a IRS ( On a IRS website, we can determine a taxation standing of a charity. So take a time to check out any gift before we give to it so we can safeguard your affability it used for a dictated purpose.

Lee Alexander

Seniors vs. Crime

This past week, we perceived communication per a integrate of scams we wish to warning people to only in box they come in hit with them. Both engage a sale of something (puppies and a car) by an online source and a newspaper.

In a box of a puppies, a integrate was looking to buy a puppy and came opposite an announcement for puppies for sale in Minnesota. They were incompetent to determine a existence of a business, though they were so captivated to a puppies that they concluded to send a income ($1,060) via

Moneygram to a Walmart in St. Paul. The seller got behind to a customer observant that a Walmart had sealed and asked them to redeem their income and resend it around Western Union.

This movement was a final straw for a buyers and they satisfied that they were being scammed. Luckily, they were means to redeem their income from Walmart. Walmart suggested them not to send a income around Western Union, as it would be unrecoverable. The buyers had no intentions of going any serve and sent us a information per a scam.

This is a common fraud and consumers contingency be warning to such activity. Take a time to determine a effect of those offered a product or use and if we are incompetent to do so it is best to find another provider.

The other fraud we were sensitive of involves a sale of a automobile by an ad in a newspaper. In this sold case, a customer was primarily told a automobile was here locally, though as a understanding progressed they were told a car was in Virginia where a seller, who was allegedly in a military, was stationed. But a seller pronounced a sale was stable by a eBay Buyer’s Protection Plan.

As in a initial scam, a resources of a sale altered — and this done they customer justly suspicious. As a result, they did not go brazen with a sale and saved themselves from a poignant loss.

I am unhappy to contend that this proceed is a common one we have seen used given a commencement of a Iraq War. Scammers fake to be members of a troops and use that as a approach to alleviate their intensity victims into desiring what they are told.

Any time we are creation a squeeze such as these it is really critical we determine a loyal existence of a object to be purchased BEFORE a promulgation of any funds. It will really save we from critical heartache.

Finally, we wish to sign everybody that we will once again be open on Wednesdays starting Sept. 6. As always, if we have any questions, call a bureau during 352-249-9139.

Lee Alexander is a comparison affairs coordinator and Seniors vs. Crime bureau manager for a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

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