China mall offers ‘man pod’ havens for husbands heedful of shopping

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – At a Shanghai mall, rows of “man pods” versed with video games are proof a vast hit, providing a retreat for hundreds of sap husbands and boyfriends as their other halves emporium until they drop.

The initial pods were launched during a Global Harbor selling mall in Shanghai in June, and given afterwards over 1,000 group have used a facilities, according to Ruwo Smart Technology, a association behind a scheme.

“Man pod” users can recline in a chair with a vast shade and play video games while enclosed behind transparent potion walls that close out a discord of other shoppers.

“I consider this thought is flattering good since today many boys like me are not peaceful to go selling with their girlfriends,” pronounced Yao Lei, a 26-year aged male regulating one of a new booths on Saturday.

With sell spending augmenting another 10 percent in a second entertain of 2017, there could be outrageous direct for such comforts and a organisation pronounced it skeleton to enhance a use to other selling malls in a future.

“We found in many malls group and women go selling together though group can't accept spending a prolonged time shopping,” pronounced Zhao Wei, an user of one of a pods.

“Sometimes they’ll even start carrying arguments. So we consider in this situation, we can have a product that gives a male something to do and a girls can go selling during ease.”

Reporting by Xihao Jiang; Editing by Christian Schmollinger

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