Debbie’s Deals: Coupons, specials for Carrabba’s, Hooters, PF Chang’s, Papa John’s, more

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It’s time for a latest freebies, deals and coupons. As always, these deals can and do finish quickly. And not all locations attend in deals, so call before we go.


Order Chicken Bryan (my favorite!), Chicken Marsala or Pollo Rosa Maria and get a giveaway sequence of Lasagne to take home. Dine-in only. Offer ends Jan 29. Read some-more here.

P.F. Chang’s

Get a giveaway Kung Pao Dragon Roll with any entrée squeeze on Wednesday, Jan 24 with this coupon. Limit one emancipation per table. Dine-in only.


Hooters’ supervision shutdown understanding runs by Wednesday night. Get a giveaway sequence of boiled pickles with any splash purchase. Details here. Thanks to Sarah for this tip.

Papa John’s

Buy one pizza and get one giveaway during Papa John’s until Jan. 28.


Use a banking formula FORTHEGAME and get $10 off any online to go sequence of $30 or some-more during Brio. Offer ends Feb 4.

Long John Silvers

Buy one meal, get one giveaway with this coupon. Offer ends Jan 28.

Book sale

It’s not food, though we adore books and a Arapahoe libraries is carrying a used book sale during a Smoky Hill bend this weekend (Thursday-Sunday). Read some-more here.

Free museum days

The Molly Brown House is charity giveaway acknowledgment this Saturday (January 27) for Colorado residents. The Denver Museum of Nature Science is charity giveaway acknowledgment on Sunday (January 28). See a full list of giveaway days here.

If we see a deal, let me know! E-mail me Debbie (

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