Goodwill Offers A Unique Place To Buy Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — This Valentine’s Day we competence find some superb valuables during a good cost for your special someone in an surprising place — Goodwill.

“We sell all from gemstones, sterling, gold, platinum, diamonds, some unequivocally good antique and selected pieces, and we also do some unequivocally fun dress valuables as well,” says Jessica McConnell, Goodwill’s E-Commerce Director.

You won’t find this valuables in a Goodwill store.

It’s all sole online during

“Just this final month alone, we generated over $150,000 in sum sales that helps account all of a programs that we yield for a community,” McConnell told KDKA income editor Jon Delano.

Goodwill gets lots and lots of valuables donated to it.

And while many of a valuables pieces are not value a whole lot, mostly there’s a good find.

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Take for example, a china Mexican bracelet that will sell online for over a hundred bucks.

Or how about a bullion necklace that competence sell online for $200.

And afterwards for that special somebody, how about a heart necklace from Tiffany’s?

Donated valuables gets sorted, delicately evaluated for content, photographed, and afterwards posted on-line for sale over a 5 day period.

Pricing ubiquitous starts during only underneath $6.

“You might finish adult with a $5.99 square or we might finish adult with a $500 square of bullion jewelry, though you’ll still get a good understanding on it,” says McConnell. sells all from engineer wardrobe to guitars and books — all shipped to we — unless we stop by a North Versailles store for internal pick-up.

“There unequivocally is something for everybody.”

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