Hannaford launches digital rewards module with personalized coupons

Hannaford is rolling out a new, digital-only patron faithfulness module formed around a smartphone app that delivers a personalized tide of digital coupons to any customer.

Known as My Hannaford Rewards, a module requires business to download a Hannaford app that is accessible on both a Google and Apple app stores. The app serves adult a new collection of electronic coupons any week that is tailored to that customer’s selling preferences formed on past selling activity. It is identical in functionality to Shaw’s supermarkets’ “MyMixx” app, though with a few differences.

Hannaford is aggregating coupons from third-party digital banking providers as good as formulating a possess coupons, association President Mike Vail said.

Customers who join a module also will accumulate in-store credit for any Hannaford formula product they buy, Vail said. The credit is equal to 2 percent of any authorised product’s price. Eligible brands embody Hannaford, Taste of Inspirations, Nature’s Place, Home 360, Cha-Ching, Etos, Companion, CareOne and Healthy Accents products.

The store credit will be deducted from customers’ bills once per entertain when they emporium during Hannaford, he said.

“My Hannaford Rewards is a new approach to appreciate customers, with a 2 percent prerogative on private-brand equipment and banking offers that are suggestive to them as individuals,” he said.

Customers regulating a app name a coupons they wish to redeem, that generates a bar formula that is scanned by a assistant during checkout. If they aren’t regulating any coupons, they still can have a bar formula scanned or enter their phone series during checkout to accept their store credit, Vail said.

The module differs from other patron faithfulness programs in that there is no “two-tier pricing,” Vail said. Hannaford will continue to assign a same prices on all equipment for all business regardless of either they join a program, though business who do join will accept rewards and have entrance to a digital coupons, he said.

To join a program, a patron contingency pointer adult by a app or inside a Hannaford store. Each patron contingency yield a full name, email address, phone series and home address. Hannaford orator Eric Blom pronounced a information is indispensable to brand any patron and lane domicile selling habits in sequence to offer adult some-more useful coupons.

The information will not be common with third parties, Blom said.

“None of it is being sold,” he said. “All of it is being delicately protected.”

Hannaford began test-marketing a module in Oct in Burlington, Vermont. In addition, association employees have been beta contrast a app given August.

Based on patron reviews, some have gifted problems removing a app to work properly.

The Hannaford app has a patron examination measure of 2 out of 5 stars on Apple devices, and 2.8 out of 5 stars on Android devices. Several reviewers pronounced a app is glitchy and mostly doesn’t work properly. Some pronounced they’ve had problem signing adult or signing in to a app, and a few pronounced they have to undo and reinstall a app any time they wish to use it.

Blom pronounced a app did have some technical issues, though that those have been addressed by program updates.

“That’s because we did a commander programs,” he said.

Article source: http://www.sunjournal.com/hannaford-launches-digital-rewards-program-with-personalized-coupons/

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