How a Texas Mom Turned Her Passion for Jewelry (and Giving Back!) Into a Billion-Dollar Business

It was a few months after 9/11 and Kendra Scott had only given birth to her initial child. She remembers chubby her son to her chest in a Baby Björn and going store to store perplexing to sell a valuables she’d finished in a additional bedroom of her Austin, Texas, home.

“I don’t know if they desired a valuables or if they felt contemptible for me,” she jokes of a boutiques that placed her really initial orders.

At a time she was acid for valuables with gemstones — that she could afford. Finding zero in her cost range, she motionless to make a pieces herself.

Fast brazen to 2017 and a 42-year aged mom of 3 now runs a billion-dollar business with some-more than 54 boutiques in 21 states.

Courtesy Kendra Scott

“This is a American Dream, we can’t even get my conduct around it,” she tells PEOPLE.

She still smiles during a memory of her initial store opening. There was a line around a retard and people were all there to support her since she’d once upheld them.

“I motionless early on that if somebody ever asked for anything, for a donation, we would never contend no, we would always have something to give,” she says.

Many of her initial business were people she’d helped.

Scott calls herself a CEO, owner and arch engineer and says that opinion continues today. Instead of focusing on marketing, any of her stores has an events coordinator who is tasked with anticipating ways to get concerned in a community, and move a village into a store.

Last year, a association donated some-more than $3 million in gifts to present functions and in-store fundraising events.

The people who work in a stores are even told they can present anyone, during any time if they see someone is carrying a bad day.

“I truly trust a tip salsa is giving,” Scott says.

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They also recently launched programs in hospitals where breast cancer patients and caregivers for kids in children’s hospitals can pattern and make Kendra Scott pieces of their own.

“We’re explanation we can be a fiscally obliged association and we can do good and make a disproportion and I’m carefree we can be a guide of light for large and tiny companies that if we start out with a giving heart, good things will happen. We have 15 years of proof,” she says.

Scott mislaid her stepfather to mind cancer when he was only 47 years aged and says it was something he pronounced only before he died that desirous her business philosophy.

“At a finish of his life, he had a tough time vocalization and he said, ‘You do good,’ and those difference have stranded with me and have been a substructure for all I’ve finished going forward,” she says.

Courtesy Kendra Scott

Clearly it’s working. Twenty new stores are approaching to open this year and Scott is gearing adult to launch a line of home accessories.

“I don’t ever forget what a onslaught was like and that’s because I’m so elegant that a American Dream is still alive,” she says. “It can happen!”

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