How to emanate reminders on Google Home

From a start, Google Home ($129.99 during Dell Home) strike a marketplace blank what many users suspicion to be critical — nonetheless really elementary — features. Among those blank facilities was reminders, something both Google Now and Google Assistant on Android phones have been means of for some time now.

At prolonged last, Google has updated a intelligent orator to be means to hoop elementary reminders. Here’s how they work.

Not to be confused with a underline that would remember where we put your keys, there are a integrate ways we can emanate reminders with Google Home, possibly directly from a orator itself or from an Android or iOS device.

Create a sign from Google Home

To emanate a sign from Google Home, there are a handful of commands we can use. Say something like:

  • “OK, Google, remind me to go for a run tomorrow during 8:00 a.m.”
  • “OK, Google, remind me to go to a grocery story each Sunday morning.”

You can be specific with times or use ubiquitous times, like morning or evening. And we can also use contextual times, such as “20 mins from now.”

For now, Google Home reminders are singular to times. But Google’s assistance page for Google Home says location-based reminders are coming soon.

To conduct your reminders with Google Home, contend things like:

  • “OK, Google, what are my reminders?”
  • “OK, Google, what are my reminders for tomorrow?”
  • “OK, Google, what is my sign to go for a run?”
  • “OK, Google, undo all of my reminders.”
  • “OK, Google, undo my sign to go a grocery store.”
  • “OK, Google, undo my reminders for tomorrow.”

Create reminders from Android or iOS


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If you’d rather manually emanate reminders from your phone, we can do that regulating Assistant on Android or iOS. Just make certain a phone or inscription is logged into a scold comment and connected to a same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home speaker.

Within a Assistant app, we can pronounce a same written commands to emanate a sign regulating your voice. Or we can form out a sign manually.

To form a reminder, launch Assistant and daub a blue symbol in a tip right to open a Explore tab. Tap Your Stuff, afterwards tap Add Reminder. Type in a pretension and name a time and either it should repeat. Tap a check symbol in a tip right dilemma to save it.

To revise reminders from a phone, go behind to Your Stuff and tap See All. Tap on a specific sign to revise or undo it.

Reminder notifications

When it’s time for your reminder, we will accept a pull presentation on your phone and Google Home will light adult and say, “I have a sign for [name].” A singular white LED will sojourn illuminated for a following 10 minutes.

If we skip a reminder, we can say, “OK, Google, what are my notifications?” or, “OK, Google, what are my reminders?” Check reminders on your phone by returning to Your Stuff in a Google app.

To spin off sign notifications, open a Google Home app on Android or iOS and daub a hamburger symbol in a tip left to enhance a left menu. Go to More settings and select Phone or your Google Home device under Devices. Beside Notifications, daub a toggle to spin notifications off.

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