Jaguars DL likely 45-42 win exactly, calls out Titans players ‘sitting during home’

Leading adult to a Jaguars participating in a playoff diversion opposite a Steelers in Heinz Field on Sunday, there was a lot of speak about Blake Bortles and possibly or not he could conduct to assistance his group kick Pittsburgh. Plenty of people have done jokes during Bortles’ expense, though he played good adequate to help a Jaguars allege 45-42 in a diversion no one saw coming.

Except for defensive lineman Calais Campbell. Speaking with Tom Pelissero of NFL Media this past week, Campbell indeed likely a EXACT measure of a game, observant he didn’t caring if a Jaguars won 2-0 or possibly they won 45-42. 

That’s UNCANNY. There have been usually dual games in NFL story that ever finished with a 45-42 final before to this weekend and Campbell threw that measure out like it was no large understanding and he still managed to spike it exactly. Now a Jaguars are strutting all over a place and vouchsafing a universe know they won. 

Campbell was asked after a diversion about people doubt Bortles and he propped his man up, job him a “leader” and a “true competitor.”

“He’s a good leader. And he loves a game,” Campbell said. “He creates everybody prepared. And each time he goes out there he’s a loyal competitor. He has a lot of heart. People can [rip] on him all they wish though we know what he can do and he valid it today.”

Before Campbell could finish his diatribe on Bortles, his associate defensive lineman Malik Jackson popped adult into a shot and let one specific chairman — Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey, who said privately that Bortles would “choke” in a playoffs after a Titans kick a Jags in Week 17 — know a Jags unequivocally wish Casey enjoys examination a Jaguars in a subsequent round. From his house.

“He’s a dog. we wish to know what Jurrell Casey has to contend about him choking in large moments, while we lay during home and watch us subsequent week,” Jackson said, rather loudly.

Campbell’s greeting was as if someone set off a scent explosve in a room. Eeeeeeeew-weeeeee.

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Casey wasn’t a initial actor to doubt Bortles and he really won’t be a final either. Maybe Bortles and a Jags lay an egg in a AFC Championship diversion opposite a Patriots in New England. They won’t be a initial group to do so. But they are a good defensive group and could be a bad matchup for a Patriots.

Oh yeah, and before we make any predictions about that game, we should substantially check with Campbell first.

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