Jewelry burglar who shot bellman condemned to 41 years

SEATTLE — The male who shot a after perplexing to rob a valuables store in a bustling streets of Downtown Seattle final Sep was condemned Friday to 41 years in prison.

was attempting to sack a of Express in Westlake Mall on Sept. 21 when he dismissed a shot during a , narrowly blank him. The 36-year-old afterwards ran from a store, though was chased by Roberto , a bellman from a circuitously , military said.

Sandoval chased a male for blocks, afterwards wrestled with him. The masked male pulled a trigger, attack Sandoval in a arm.

“I hear a 3 shootings and oh my, we know a male killed me,” Sandoval pronounced in an talk on Sept. 26.

But military pronounced amid a , other passers-by afterwards grabbed Maynor and calm him. They piled on tip of a male and hold him down until officers arrived, cuffed him and took him into custody. Sandoval was treated for a wound to his arm and was approaching to entirely recover.

Witnesses pronounced valuables spilled onto a path after a incident, and a rubber facade and a gun also were seen fibbing on a ground.

Maynor was convicted in Jun of one count of initial grade robbery, dual depends of initial grade attack and one count of second grade assault. All 4 charges enclosed firearm enhancements, according to .

On Friday, Maynor was condemned to 41 years in prison.

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