Ke$ha’s Penis-Shaped Jewelry Sells Out

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You snooze, we lose!

If we were one of a large Ke$ha fans who fanciful some new phallic-shaped valuables to call your own, we sadly contingency surprise we that you’re now out of luck.

That’s right, a individualist singer’s Kesha Rose by Charles Albert collection, that only launched final week, is already offered out and we’re officious confounded during this news. 

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The collection of bracelets, , and rings, is domestic in Alchemia ‘zero ’, and facilities singular modeled after , metal-cast tellurian teeth, and , only to name a few.


The line’s affordable cost point, that ranges from $15 to a whopping $600, is apparently attracting utterly a swell in sales and lifting indeterminate everywhere.

Who knew?!

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Apparently, a singer-turned-jewelry engineer had a camber about what her fans would unequivocally want.

“I have been wearing Charles Albert for a few years now and I’m spooky with their jewelry. It’s so , and massive, and creates such a furious statement. There will be something for everyone!” a star pronounced in a recover for a collection.

Ke$h, you’re so clever.

While a sole out genitalia-themed equipment seem to be a large winners, we see that there are still copiousness of irritable accessories to go around.

Act fast!

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