Local Group Turns Community’s Deadly Bullets Into Jewelry

Susan Kennedy and a internal non-profit are branch a collection of drop into art by transforming her Miami-Dade’s bullets into jewelry.

Kennedy pronounced after a 2016 deaths of King Carter and Jada Page – children gunned down in Miami-Dade – led her to this mission.

For Kennedy, Bullets4Life is a passion.

“When we mislaid King Carter – that’s when a breakthrough happened for me,” Kennedy said. “Sis months after Jada Page – that was it for me.”

Kennedy works together with her crony Alex McCoy, operative out of a home to change slugs to jewelry.

“Susan carrying this prophesy was monumental. Nobody can adult with a judgment of a beginning to do so,” McCoy said.

Kennedy calls it a boldest things she’s ever finished as she goes by neighborhoods, seeking residents to present their bullets.

“The same approach they can fire with them, they can give it to me,” Kennedy said.

Bullets4Life is a non-profit classification with a goal to “stop a killings though many importantly a murdering of a children’s future.”

“By holding bullets off a streets one bullet during a time it’s bringing recognition to this meaningless act,” a organisation writes on a website, where donations can be made.

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