Lyft charity float credit to internal charities

SEATTLE – Lyft isn’t only assisting we get around town, it’s also assisting internal charities get where they need to go.

Lyft has announced a Seattle Community Grants program, that awards one non-profit a month with $1,000 in Lyft float credit to assistance palliate travel hurdles and costs for charities.

The $1,000 float credit is awarded any month starting in Feb 2018 and recipients are comparison by a rival focus process.

Any 501(c)3 classification that operates in a Seattle metro area is authorised to request for a grant.

Interest field can learn some-more about a event and request here.

“We are so anxious to be means to offer this event to non-profit organizations doing moving work on interest of communities in a Seattle area,” pronounced Todd Kelsay, Lyft’s Pacific Northwest General Manager.  “There’s a lot of good work being done, and Lyft is beholden to yield an event for organizations to get a bit of additional support building suggestive impact in a region.”

Lyft offers identical extend programs in 23 other cities opposite a country.

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