Mom who killed 2 children, self left note: ‘Just know I loved my kids’

Distraught after a failed relationship, Carla Lopez-Mejia sedated and strangled her two young children and then hanged herself in the family’s Lake in the Hills home, writing in a note that she had “lived in pain 27 years and I don’t want the same for them.”

That’s the tragic picture that emerges from the police investigation into a murder-suicide that shook this McHenry County village. Released to the Tribune through a public records request, the case file portrays a woman with long-standing mental health issues that reached a sudden, violent boil.

On the afternoon of Jan. 10, a neighbor called police to the two-story townhouse after a friend of 11-year-old Ezequiel Garcia came to the house and, through a window, saw a body hanging from the stairway banister.

It was Lopez-Mejia, 27, a mother of two who worked in customer service at an Elgin bank. Police discovered Ezequiel and his sister, Ariana Garcia, 8, lying on a bed in the master bedroom, stuffed animals tucked under their arms, the family dog standing guard over their bodies.

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