Moms use coupons to assistance struggling families

STERLING, VA. (WUSA9) – Two mothers in Virginia are regulating their hobby to assistance struggling families.

“I’m focused,” Gina Schweppe said.

What they do is critical business.

“It’s a rarely strong activity,” she said.

The Loudoun County moms connected over it – coupons.

“When we find a couponer — we’re best friends,” Schweppe laughed. “It’s something that not everybody gets.”

Schweppe, who has a YouTube channel and expertise, and Christina Fedak, who has a passion to help, incited their adore of saving income into a non-profit called Loudoun Coupons For Hope.

“To learn families how to reduce their grocery budget, though during a same time we also accept donations,” Schweppe said.

The organization’s idea is to be there for immature people and families who might need a small help.

“We wish by donations that we are giving them a financial mangle — even if it’s only a small bit — for a time,” Fedak explained.  “Either we’ll present them to a preserve or we’ll horde an eventuality where we’ll have personal caring items.”

The ladies pronounced a Loudoun County village is intensely beholden for a tough work they do, though this was an easy preference for them to do something they adore in sequence to assistance others.

“It’s a hobby,” Fedak said. “Some people like to cook. They like to play video games. They like to go running. We get that high on a obsession of couponing and we’ve incited that into a good cause.”

CLICK HERE to present to Loudoun Coupons For Hope and to learn some-more about a organization’s arriving events.

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