Myteepi watches over your home, even but energy or Wi-Fi

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The Myteepi Woody, from Ingenious Things.

Ingenious Things

Filling your intelligent home with sensors able of collecting environmental information creates copiousness of sense, and a Myteepi Woody, a sensor-packed tool from French startup Ingenious Things wants a job. Formed from timber and made like a triangular lean-to pragmatic by a name, a Woody offers all-in-one monitoring for temperature, steam and motion, and it’ll keep an ear out for a sound of alarms, too. 

Its makers during Ingenious Things tell us it’ll launch in Europe and a United States following a Kickstarter debate in a entrance months. At retail, it’ll sell for €199, with US pricing nonetheless to be finalized (that European cost tab comes out to about $240, £175 or AU$305, converted roughly).

Ingenious Things hangs most of a Woody’s interest on a fact that it’ll keep operative even if your Wi-Fi goes out. That’s since Myteepi inclination promulgate regulating a SigFox low-power radio network, that sends alerts to your phone around a Myteepi app or around content summary no matter where we are.


Ingenious Things is also introducing a smaller-sized Myteepi Square. It has all of a same facilities as a Woody during a reduce cost, though it runs on battery energy only.

Ingenious Things

Myteepi inclination don’t need a energy cable, possibly — any one can run off of a span of AA batteries for adult to 8 months. The Woody will automatically switch over from AC to battery energy if a energy in your home ever goes out, and in a good touch, will send we an warning vouchsafing we know when that happens.

In further to a Woody, Ingenious Things will offer a smaller-sized Myteepi Square for €99 (about $120, £90 or AU$151, again, converted roughly). It facilities all of a same sensors as a Woody in a easier design, though distinct a Woody, it usually runs off of battery power.

There’s no word on intensity height integrations for Myteepi, though we’ll keep an ear out as a inclination get closer to launching. When we know more, so will you.

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