NEW Harris Teeter eVic Digital Coupons Program & Policy

Harris Teeter is rolling out a new eVic Digital Coupons Program on Oct 18 and with it comes a new digital coupons policy.

There are some really large changes in this new process that we need to know about.

According to Danna Robinson, Harris Teeter Communication Manager, “Harris Teeter is gratified to announce that a new e-VIC Digital Coupons module will launch company-wide on Oct 18, 2017. The module will hurl out slowly as we start to add manufacturer coupons, and will continue to grow into a some-more endless program. This re-launch of e-VIC Digital Coupons presents a good event to yield additional assets to Harris Teeter shoppers. One of a biggest changes to a new module is that business contingency be enrolled in e-VIC to access these digital coupons.”

You will also notice that another large change to a module is that they will no longer concede business to “stack” a digital banking with a manufacturer’s banking on a same item. They were a final grocery store to concede a multiple of both coupons on a same product and it comes as no warn that this choice is no longer available.

Here is a eVic Digital Coupons Policy from a Harris Teeter corporate office:

- Customers who select to attend in a Digital Coupon module are compulsory to join a e-VIC program, that requires a current e-mail residence and VIC card.

- Digital coupons will automatically be practical to a customer’s sum squeeze before to paper coupons or any other discounts, as prolonged as a subordinate product(s) are purchased regulating a same VIC label in that a coupons were loaded.

- Digital coupons will not double or triple.

- A digital manufacturer banking can't be total with a paper or Internet manufacturer coupon.

- If a digital manufacturer banking and a paper manufacturer banking are presented for a same item, a best value will be redeemed during checkout, including any double or triple value promotions. Any new digital or paper coupons will be returned to a customer.

- Digital coupons will have an death date communicated on a website.

- Digital coupons are not authorised on closeout equipment on sale as a manager’s special or if a banking exceeds a cost of a item.

- Digital coupons for amounts “off Total orders” are not authorised on ethanol or tobacco products, stamps, tickets, and lottery and present cards.

You can see a full Coupon Policy during

If we have any questions, post them in a comments territory and we will pass them on to a corporate bureau for some-more information.

What do we think? Will this change your Harris Teeter selling habits during all?

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