Niagara Falls decider receives Catholic Charities endowment – The Buffalo …

Niagara Falls City Judge Diane L. Vitello perceived an endowment Wednesday from a Diocese of Buffalo for her work with Catholic Charities’ domestic assault programs.

Niagara Falls City Judge Diane L. Vitello (Contributed photo)

“Judge Vitello has invariably demonstrated her seductiveness and joining to holding a mount opposite domestic violence. She is a clever partner of Catholic Charities’ Domestic Violence Offenders Program, and works with us and a village during vast to put an finish to domestic violence,” pronounced Kathleen Hall, Niagara County district director for Catholic Charities.

The Hero of Hope Partner Award was presented to a decider during a Catholic Charities cooking and proffer training workshop in Antonio’s Banquet and Conference Center in Niagara Falls. Bishop Richard J. Malone was a featured speaker.

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