Oxfam sex scandal: EU warns charities to defend ‘ethical standards’

The European Union on Monday ordered British assist organisation Oxfam to explain a doing of a passionate misconduct scandal involving a staff profitable prostitutes in Haiti after a devastating earthquake in 2010.

It also warned a NGO partners that a confederation would cut appropriation if they breached reliable standards, underscoring a “zero tolerance” proceed towards misconduct.

“We design Oxfam to entirely explain a allegations with limit clarity as a matter of urgency, and we’re prepared to examination and, if needed, stop appropriation to any partner who is not vital adult to a compulsory high reliable standards,” mouthpiece Maja Kocijancic told reporters.

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Oxfam, that perceived €1.7 million ($2.1 million) in appropriation from a EU for work in Haiti in 2011, is being indicted of covering adult a part and unwell to advise other assist agencies about a employees involved, that authorised them to get jobs among exposed people in other disaster areas.

Oxfam Deputy Chief Executive Penny Lawrence quiescent from her position on Monday, holding ” full responsibility” for a scandal.

“Over a final few days we have turn wakeful that concerns were lifted about a function of staff in Chad as good as Haiti that we unsuccessful to sufficient act upon,” Lawrence pronounced in a statement.

“It is now transparent that these allegations—involving a use of prostitutes and that associated to function of both a nation executive and members of his group in Chad—were lifted before he changed to Haiti,” she added.

Oxfam has denied accusations of a cover-up, observant it launched an inner review a impulse it became wakeful of a allegations.

The probe led to a sacking of 4 Oxfam employees, a gift pronounced on Friday, adding that 3 people, including a nation director, resigned before a finish of a investigation.

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British supervision threatens to cut funding

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s orator told reporters that Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt was assembly Oxfam member on Monday.

“DFID (the Department for International Development) have taken movement in this area to try and serve strengthen systems to make a 0 toleration approach. There are a series of measures they have taken though we wish to go serve in this area,” he said.

DFID gave Oxfam scarcely £32 million (€36 million) final year.

The British supervision has also threatened to cut off appropriation to Oxfam or any other assist group that doesn’t concur with a government’s efforts to rein in misconduct.

Oxfam, that has announced new measures to tackle passionate abuse cases, pronounced it would share with authorities all a information it had relating to a liaison in Haiti.

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    Author: Valerio Muscella (Tijuana)

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