Qatari royal’s mania with collecting valuables takes strike amid Venice heist

Exotic wealth from ancient times, a many pleasing city in a world, a Qatari stately and an Arsene Lupin-style burglary … it might seem like a screenplay for an Ocean’s Eleven movie. It’s not.

Last Wednesday in Venice, some aged and changed gems were stolen from an vaunt in Piazza San Marco, a really heart of a city. The thieves transient though being noticed, simply slipping divided among a thousands of tourists mill­ing around in a categorical block during a holiday season.

As a result, this year has start­ed with bad news for a statute family of Qatar, a owners of a stolen pieces. The Al Thani Foundation had been display­ing ancient Indian and Asian trinket and gems from a col­lection fabricated by Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah inside Palazzo Ducale, a many im­portant building in Venice.

The collection has been built adult over an impressively brief time by Sheikh Hamad, who is a initial cousin of Sheikh Tamim, a Qatari emir.

Sheikh Hamad admits that it has turn “an obsession”, one that began in 2009 when he visited a muster Maha­raja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts, during London’s Vic­toria and Albert Museum. He now owns what is substantially a many critical collection of chronological Indian trinket in private hands.

The Treasures of a Mughals and a Maharajas collection of 275 pieces was being shown to a open in Italy for a initial time, carrying non-stop in Sep­tember. It had formerly been on uncover in Paris and Japan.

The sum of Wednesday’s crime review like a Hollywood script: it was a final day of a muster and during 10am dual people were seen on confidence cameras putting earrings and a reserve pin in their pockets, hav­ing taken them out of a potion box in a Sala dello Scrutinio, or Scrutiny Hall, of a palazzo.

The shelves were ostensible to be unbreakable. They were designed by a Al Thani Foun­dation and were used in a ex­hibits around a world.

Nonetheless, thieves man­aged to open them though signs of force, nonetheless inves­tigations continue. Security cameras also showed a group withdrawal a Palazzo, though they shortly melted into a throng of tourists outside.

General prosecutor Raffaele Incardona, a Italian central in assign of a investigation, pronounced it was substantially not an opportunistic crime, as a thieves contingency have finished some site investigation before and designed a robbery.

The stolen wealth are not among a many profitable of a collection, and experts contend they are valued during several million euros. Strangely enough, when a wealth entered Italy, they were valued during usually €30,000, or Dh132,560.

But Venetian authorities were discerning to let a open know that a stolen wealth would be too good famous to be resold on a black market.

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