Rite Aid deals 10/29: Spinbrush, Pepsi, Puffs

Rite Aid has good buys this week on Pepsi, Puffs, Arm Hammer Spinbrush, All laundry, Russell Stover Halloween singles, 3-Day Halloween sale, Prescription Transfer Coupons, present label offers for TJ Maxx, Applebee’s, Ihop and more!

3-Day Halloween Sale

These deals are current Oct 29 – 31. While reserve last, No rainchecks.

Russell Stover Singles, 2 for $1

Reese or Peeps singular offer pumpkin, .77

Mars 6 container candies, $1

Brach’s candy corn and Autumn mix, 16 oz, 2 for $4

Fun distance or break distance candy, 9 – 11.6 oz, $2.99

Coupon: $2/3 Mars banking from 10/8 RP, $1/2 Mars Harvest bags banking from 8/27 RP, $1.50/3 Hershey’s banking in 10/15 SS

Assorted Halloween candy bags, reg sell $7.29 – $9.99, on sale for $5.99 (photo shows non chocolate candy like Lemonheads and Swedish Fish)

Charms 44 oz, Tootsie Child’s Play 52 oz, Wrigley’s assorted mix, 130 count, $7.99

Halloween costumes, décor, light sets and accessories, assorted, 50% off

These deals are current Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2017.

Prescription send coupons: Get 2500 Plenti points when we send a medication to a Rite Aid pharmacy. There are 2 coupons in a ad. Valid by 11/11/17.

Wellness65+ members get 20% off a initial Wednesday of a month. Seniors save an additional 10% this Wednesday Nov 1 with an immunization.

Gift Card Offers

Earn 500 Plenti points when we buy $25 value of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Home Goods present cards, extent 2

Earn 800 Plenti points when we buy $50 value of Applebee’s or Ihop present cards, extent 2


Arizona tea, 23 oz, 2 for $1

Pepsi 2 ltr, $1.00

Crystal Lake open water, 24 pack, 2 for $5


Puffs tissues, Cube, .99 – .25 banking from Smart Shopper Printable Coupons (this is also partial of a buy $20 get 500 Plenti points promo)

All washing detergent, 46.5 oz or 18 – 22 count packs

Sale: 2 for $6

Coupon: $2/2 banking from 10/29 RP

Arm Hammer Spinbrush, select

Sale: $5.99

Plenti: 100 points when we buy 1, extent 2 offers

Coupons: $2 banking in a ad, $3/2 printable banking

Head Shoulders 12.8 – 13.5 oz

Sale: 2 for $12

Plenti: 500 Plenti points when we buy $20 worth

Coupon: $3/2 banking from 10/29 PG

Tugaboos jumbo container diapers, and baby wipes, 192 – 216 count, 2 for $11

Earn 1000 Plenti points when we spend $30 on participating PG equipment in a ad. See a 10/29 PG insert for coupons.

50% off assorted Christmas and holiday décor, candles, toys, lights, boxed cards, present wrap

Rite Aid Coupon and Reward Policy Basics:

Coupon limits: Rite Aid will accept adult to 4 matching coupons for a same series of subordinate products as prolonged as there is sufficient stock.

BOGO coupons: Only one banking can be used with BOGO sale. You can't use a banking on any object in a BOGO sale. BOGO coupons can't be used with a BOGO sale. Because of a Rite Aid BOGO policy, CVS mostly has a improved understanding on BOGO sales since we can use a banking on BOTH equipment when they have BOGO sales (and we can't during Rite Aid).

Wellness + rewards program: Earn points per squeeze that can save we adult to 20% off your sum squeeze when we strech 1000 points. See some-more sum during riteaid.com. You contingency have a Wellness+ rewards label to acquire rewards and get a sale prices.

Plenti Rewards Program:

Rite Aid assimilated a inhabitant rewards module called Plenti in May 2015. With this program, we are means to acquire points during one store and use a points during any of a participating brands or a Plenti online offer center. The participating brands will be related by a singular prerogative card. At this time, Plenti partners embody ATT, Exxon, Macy’s, Mobil, Nationwide, Rite Aid, Direct Energy, and Hulu. You’ll be means to acquire points on gas, mobile phone service, insurance, products during Rite Aid and more.

200 in Plenti points get we during slightest $2 in assets during Rite Aid.

Plenti points credit to your label a day after they are released by 6 am.

There is no cost to join Plenti and it will be accessible for those 13 years of age and older.

The Rite Aid banking process can be found on their website HERE.



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