Security warnings as "10 Concerts" lists, giveaway banking scams go viral on Facebook

Concert-goers and shoppers are being warned about dual surprising confidence risks on Facebook that have been going viral in a past few weeks.

One involves feign coupons claiming to offer deals forward of Mother’s Day, that have been directing users to a consult site dictated to take information. 

The other seems like a elementary game, posting a names of 10 concerts you’ve been to, including one that is indeed a lie. Friends are ostensible to theory that unison is a lie. Seems harmless, right?

Well, it turns out this fun small diversion could indeed have unintended confidence consequences, according to experts.

Here’s what we need to know about a dual trends present a amicable media site:

Free coupons charity Mother’s Day specials

Do those giveaway $50-$75 off coupons to vital retailers forward of Mother’s Day sound too good to be true? That’s since they are — as some Facebook users are anticipating out a tough way.

Last week, a giveaway $50 off banking for Lowe’s Home Improvement was creation a rounds on a amicable networking site. “LOWE’S is giving Free $50 coupons for EVERYONE! to applaud Mother’s Day!” a banking read.

Lowe’s reliable a banking is a feign and warned business that it is many expected a phishing scam used to accumulate information. 


Don’t click on this Lowe’s coupon; a association says it’s a phishing scam.

“Please be clever when responding to any pop-up ad possibly online or around amicable media; as, some-more mostly than not, a offer of present cards or other prizes to customer’s in a guise of a specific association are set adult to get your personal information for sinful purposes,” a association pronounced in a statement online.

Now, another feign offer has been creation a rounds — $75 off during Bed Bath Beyond.

“We know some of a business are vehement about this $75 offer present on Facebook. However, we all know some things are too good to be true!” a sell hulk warned on Facebook. “We are contemptible for any difficulty and beating this feign banking has caused.”

Bed Bath Beyond pronounced they are partnering with Facebook to have a coupons removed. Facebook has not nonetheless returned CBS News’ ask for comment.

Friendly reminder: Facebook advises users do dual things if they mark a feign ad
  1. If we consider a post is fake, either we simply trust it is fake or click by it and notice something seems off, report the tangible post to Facebook so a association can learn some-more about it.
  2. If we click on one of these posts and comprehend it’s not real, exit a page. Be heedful of pages that ask we for credentials, and never put in personal information on sites that cocktail adult unexpectedly.

If we occur to click on a hoax ad – like a one above – don’t worry, that doesn’t meant you’re during risk of removing hacked. Only users who enter their personal information are during risk.

The “10 Concerts I’ve Been To, One is a Lie” Facebook list

“I adore this!” Facebook users write as they post a diversion that has turn extravagantly renouned on a site: “10 concerts, though there is one act that we haven’t seen live. Which is it?” 

While it competence be fun to review your friends’ furious guesses, a cybersecurity consultant warns users to consider twice before posting.


An instance of a “10 Concerts” list posted by a Facebook user.

Cybersecurity consultant Joseph Ingemi says users who attend are giving divided personal information to others, CBS Philly reports.

“The initial thing that came to mind was a phishing attack where they could see your preferences and substantially reap some demographics info from your rope welfare and send an email that says something like giveaway tickets to whatever rope we pronounced we liked,” Ingemi explained. “You click on it and afterwards you’ve downloaded malware or a pathogen and they have entrance to your network.”

Hackers could afterwards get into your comment by resetting your password.

“When we forget your cue to several things, one of a [security] questions is what was a initial unison we ever attended,” Ingemi said. “Well, if we have that list we could do some retreat engineering to figure out what competence have been a initial concert.”

If we wish to attend and you’re endangered about a confidence risks, Ingemi recommends environment your remoteness settings to “Friends Only,” preventing strangers — and intensity hackers — from accessing that profitable information.

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