Shawish London Boutique Matches Its Inspired And Edgy Jewelry

Swiss high jeweler Shawish Genève recently non-stop a initial London boutique in a dream-like space that matches a fascinated valuables desirous by enchanting forests, fairytale legends and exploratory voyages. Also like a jewelry, a pattern has a bit of an edge.

The masquerade of a space in a abundant executive London area of Chelsea employs a design in a correspondence of colorful fish beam corroborated by a black marble that simulate light in a same approach a fish does in a sunlight. Inside, walls of neutral creamy shades and gray carpeting are equivalent by touches of purple, a Shawish corporate color. The centerpiece is a candelabrum of luminescent potion tubes unresolved in staggered columns a bit like stalactite formations in a cave. A territory of a columns reaches down to a floor.

Shawish Flaghip Store (inside)

Ten arrangement cases enclose a one-of-a-kind and singular book pieces in staged anticipation settings. For example, a Octopus bracelet rests on a sham imitative an underwater bench surrounded by 5 columns. Two Teddy Bear pendants, that etch bejeweled teddy bears resting on crescent moons, are displayed in a night setting, with one on a dilemma of a starlit sky looking down on a partner resting on a cloud.


Shawish’s Moonlight Necklace, with a disfigured branches of white bullion paved in white diamond, commands core theatre in front of a mural of an orange moon. Flanking a necklace are relating earrings and ring. In another display, wealth are encased in a glacial winter stage with mounds of sleet next and stalactite formations above. Bejeweled Magic Mushroom pendants are dangling on a salon building nearby a entrance.

Teddy Bear

This is a company’s second boutique, a other being during a domicile in Geneva. Mohamed Shawesh, co-founder, pronounced a boutique is designed to simulate a worldly and quirky inlet of London and a people.

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