Shoppers indignant with Belk Black Friday banking giveaway

Did we wait in line during Belk early in a morning on Black Friday awaiting to get a $15 to $250 coupon?

Were we astounded that a scratch-off banking compulsory a smallest squeeze and was usually about a 20% savings?

If so, we are not alone.

For many, this banking giveaway was not value a prolonged wait in a cold.

Over a weekend, we asked shoppers on a WRAL Smart Shopper Facebook page what they suspicion about a graduation after Donna M. common her disappointment with a giveaway she called a “scam.”

Donna wrote: “I can share what wasn’t fun on Black Friday and that was Belk’s Black Friday “scratch off coupon” scam. They advertised “winning” a blemish off banking valued between $15 $250. That was not true. It was secretly advertised. Folks got adult early to mount out in a frozen cold Friday morning to get a blemish off banking in that we had to spend a smallest volume to take advantage of a coupon. Yes…you review it correctly. For example…If we scratched off a $15 banking we had to spend $75. For a $20 banking we had to spend $100, for a $50 banking we had to spend $150. They never settled in any created announcement excellent imitation or in their TV ads that we would win a banking good towards a certain volume purchased. They scammed their constant business Black Friday with their banking understanding and we for one am really upset. we waited in line for an hour in a cold for a foolish $20 blemish off banking that was good on a squeeze of $100 or more. Really? we could have gotten that understanding from a comfort of my friendly bed on my laptop HAD we KNOWN THAT THIS WAS THE DEAL…but they secretly advertised their so called deal. Other shoppers during a Garner Belk store where we was during Friday morning were insane about it too. We all felt mislead. No one would have waited in line, in 30 grade temps, for a lousy banking had that been what was advertised. They clearly pronounced we could “WIN a $15 to $250 coupon”, though NEVER pronounced “coupon would be usually good OFF a certain amount” and they also didn’t state that a banking was good for use usually on Nov 24th either. Shame on Belk for scamming their constant customers. we won’t forget this. Bad ambience in my mouth and I’m not alone. Shoppers dismissed adult their Facebook page with their exasperation per a banking fraud as good as they should. It was wrong on so many levels. Total scam!!!”

And Donna is not alone.

“I felt like Belk duped their customers. The banking could not be used on doorbusters and each understanding was a doorway buster, ” pronounced Rhonda B.

Christin B. commented, “I was so insane when we got to a opposite and my banking wouldn’t work on my purchase. Because all was a doorbuster and we had to use a banking that day. we tore that banking adult and threw it in trash. we pronounced if we can’t use it no one will. we know that was meant though we did.”

“Goldsboro Belk… what a slice off. Won’t make that mistake again. I’m going true to Kohl’s in Garner subsequent year. we got a selling transport full there for $150 including tax, and saved $320, and we have over $30 in Kohl’s money to spend between now and Dec 6,” wrote Lisa D.

Some Belk Stores Honor Coupon At Face Value

According to other shoppers who posted on a WRAL Smart Shopper Facebook page, their Belk stores respected a banking during face value and did not need an additional squeeze since a advertisements were not clear.

For those shoppers, their opinion of Belk was most some-more favorable.

Sherry H. wrote: “I spoke to a manager during a Lexington, NC Belk and he stood by his business and gave us a a value volume on a blemish off but carrying to squeeze any set amount. My hats off to a manager for doing a right thing for his customers.”

“I was means to use my blemish off during face value. we got $15 off of my squeeze but spending a certain amount. Cashier pronounced they were honoring all blemish offs. She was really nice,” wrote Kimberly P.

Frustration With Belk Coupons in General

Overall, there seems to be a good understanding of disappointment with Belk coupons and exclusions.

Nancy M. shared: “That’s a approach all their coupons are. You can’t use them on frequency anything unless it is unchanging price. we don’t worry with them only a con if we don’t review a excellent print, that is so small we can’t review it.”

Sara D. wrote on a Belk Facebook page, “I went to your store this morning with your 20% and 30% off banking that settled it could be used on sale or unchanging labelled items. Of a 5 equipment we purchased, a banking could not be used on anything. Seriously ridiculous. Doubt we will emporium your store again.”

As Donna mentioned above, a Belk Facebook page had comments from many indignant business including Melissa C. who shared, “Raving insane during Belk right now… only spent 2 hours in a cold during Belk watchful for a “scratch-off” and finished adult removing a blemish off banking for $15 off of $75…r u teasing me right now? 250 ppl station in line for a coupon?!?!? So misleading…very sneaky.”

Belk Corporate Response

We reached out to a Belk corporate bureau and their response was: “We never wish to defect a customers, and we know that there were a singular series of business that voiced concerns about a Black Friday promotion. We’ll take this feedback to assistance safeguard we’re stability to yield a best patron knowledge we can.”

If we are among those who are not happy about this graduation or we are one of a propitious shoppers who was during a store that respected a banking during face value, let us know about your knowledge in a comments section.

And before we conduct to Belk with a banking subsequent time, make certain we review a excellent imitation and wish that they have enclosed all of a critical sum like squeeze volume mandate and exclusions.

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