SIX banking inserts in Sunday paper today! ::

Don’t forget that there are SIX banking inserts in a paper today, Sunday, 1/7!

This Sunday, Jan 7 there are 3 SmartSource and 3 Redplum inserts! That’s a ton of coupons!

Head to for a preview any week of many of a coupons we will get.

We won’t accept all a same coupons on this list any week, though we will get many of a same ones.

If we buy a paper during a store on Sunday (instead of removing a subscription delivered to your home), make certain we demeanour inside a paper before we buy it so we can see that a coupons are in there. You will find that sometimes, a papers during a stores and in a paper boxes do not have coupons. Sometimes a journal runs out of banking inserts and since a home smoothness papers are a initial to get a coupons, a papers that go to a stores do not always have all a coupons.

And if we are looking for somewhere to present your lapsed manufacturer coupons, the US infantry abroad can use them during many on-base commissaries after they have expired. Find out where to send them during

Happy selling everyone!

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