Spotlight: The Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum (Athens, Greece)

AFILJM was founded to strengthen a ties between a ILJM in Athens and a American Public. AFILIM’s categorical goals are (a) to foster collaborative relations with museums and non-profits in a United States, (b) to rise educational and veteran programs that will foster educational initiatives examining a story of ancient Greek art by contemporary jewelry, and (c) to attend in appropriation ILJM projects, such as fellowships, restorations, and educational programs in both a United States and Greece. For Marilena Christodoulou, who is on a house of directors of a AFILJM, what creates a ILJM singular is a concentration on jewelry. She remarkable that “the Museum’s collections have concept interest and one does not need to be a academician or curator to conclude a beauty, craftsmanship, and symbolism of these collections.”

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