Super-Couponing Tips: Get credit for all of your coupons

: we would like some recommendation on saving coupons. No matter what store we go to, if we redeem some-more than a few coupons, a assistant doesn’t give me credit for all of them.

It has happened so mostly that now we count them when we palm them to a assistant and count a as they indicate any coupon. This isn’t foolproof, though.

Other times we have held a assistant blank my coupons and we have had to go to patron use (often watchful in a prolonged line) to get a credit.

Cashiers have certified to me that they knew they didn’t indicate all a coupons. we am really clever with death dates and a series of equipment that need to be purchased for any one. we consider a slightest a store can do is give me a credit we deserve. This all seems like a of work, and we am sleepy of not being given credit for my coupons. Any advice? _— Jeannine D.

DEAR JEANNINE: we sympathize with you. does need a , though a boon should be honeyed — a prerogative of a lowered check during a money register. While we haven’t gifted a same magnitude of banking scanning errors we have, we do have some suggestions as to how anyone can maximize a luck that any banking will be scanned during a register.

1. Count your coupons: Before we go to a , I’ll fast ride by a smoke- of coupons we devise to palm to a . Your will note how many coupons were scanned — some stores even list a series of sum coupons used during a bottom of a receipt. If we know we used

20 coupons, though my receipt usually shows 19 coupons scanned, we won’t leave a store. we will try to solve a emanate during a money register or, if a store is busy, during a patron use counter.

2. Calculate a value of your coupons: This is identical to a prior tip though with a twist. Instead of counting a series of coupons, count a value. Then take note of a pre-coupon sum on a register once a assistant has scanned all items.

If my pre-coupon sum is $42.98 and we have $24.50 in coupons, we know that if all coupons are scanned, my sum should be $18.48 before any taxation is applied. If something isn’t correct, we will try to solve it before we compensate — an advantage of meaningful previously accurately what your grocery check should be, post-coupon.

3. The when-all-else-fails method: If you’re consistently carrying difficulty with cashiers unwell to indicate any and any coupon, try handing your coupons to a assistant one during a time. Yes, this is time-consuming and, yes, your assistant competence find it frustrating. But it’s a foolproof approach to make certain any banking is scanned. You competence try (nicely!) explaining to a assistant that on your past few trips many coupons were skipped and you’re perplexing to forestall that from happening.

Here’s another cause that we competence not be wakeful of — many stores bottom their cashiers’ opening grades on how fast they pierce business by a checkout lane. Some store bondage say a time record around a store’s registers to note how most time is spent on any transaction.

If we emporium during a store that bases cashiers’ consequence on speed, they competence be in a precipitate to get we by a line simply since their pursuit depends on them doing so.

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