How to Factor in Health Costs into Your Retirement Planning

Boomers planning on relying on just Medicare to cover their health-care costs in retirement better think again.     With health care costs rising two to three times faster than inflation over the last few decades, baby boomers in retirement are facing unplanned medical costs that are eating up their nest eggs. Fidelity Investments, which […]

CinemaCon: The Future Is In-Theater Dining, Bars, And Premium Moviegoing


Blame it on the baby boomers. Exhibitors desperate for ways to innovate and stay competitive are upgrading and remodeling to lure the 55+ crowd to the movies — and, hopefully, keep them there. In-house bars, restaurants, and lounges are on the rise nationwide and globally, vendors say, and that goes for theater chains and select […]

Marketing studies help craft health overhaul pitch

By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — How do you convince millions of average Americans that one of the most complex and controversial programs devised by government may actually be a good deal for them? With the nation still split over President Barack Obama’s health care law, the administration has turned to the science […]

Health Problems Compound For Aging Homeless

Tony Lithgow, 49, and Andrea Mayer (right), 51, live together on the streets of Baltimore. They are part of a growing number of the nation

Tony Lithgow and Andrea Mayer have been living under a highway overpass in downtown Baltimore since last year. He’s 49 and has been homeless on and off for eight years. She’s 51 and has been homeless for 10 years. Living on the streets has clearly taken a toll on the couple, both physically and mentally. […]