Justin Bieber brought home dual beauties after Hamptons brawl: source

Sophia Rayo, 32, of Brooklyn, was one of the two cuties Justin Bieber picked out of the crowd at the South Pointe club in Southampton Saturday night.

These are a dual voluptuous cocktail waitresses who partied with Justin Bieber during a Hamptons pad after alighting in a core of a furious nightclub quarrel involving a singer’s bodyguards. Diana Bhokasub, 24, and Sophia Rayo, 32, were handpicked by a “Beauty and a Beat” crooner to accompany him behind to a private home where […]

Brooklyn burglar targeting comparison residents as he goes on jewelry-robbery debauch …

The thief is described as short and slim black man between 18 and 25, sporting a light-colored baseball cap.

This male has positively no honour for his elders. A gun-toting immature beast has been using around Brooklyn and robbing comparison adults of their jewelry, military pronounced Thursday. The brief and slim thief, described a black male between 18 and 25, sporting a light colored ball cap, has pulled a pistol and hold adult some-more […]

Fashion tugs on Superman’s cape at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO — There are a lot of questions concerning Superman’s fashion sense. How does his suit stay intact against speeding locomotives? What’s with the cape? But perhaps most importantly, where did his red underwear go? Variations on a super-theme: Superman’s suits through the years The DC Comics booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 has […]

Manhunt on: Sussex valuables burglary now valued during adult to $500000

FRANKLIN BOROUGH — Police have expelled new sum in their review into a burglary of between $250,000 and $500,000 value of valuables from a precinct store. Police contend they are acid for this masculine in tie with a $250,000 to $500,000 valuables theft. Among them is a name military contend their think appears to have […]

$500000 in valuables taken in Gwinnett armed robbery

Gwinnett County military continue to demeanour for a masculine and lady who stole some-more than a half-million dollars value of valuables during a aroused armed spoliation final week. The spoliation occurred about 10 a.m. Wednesday during Kay Jewelers in a 1300 retard of Scenic Highway. Gwinnett military Cpl. Jake Smith pronounced a masculine think entered […]

Prince Harry was seen shopping…wait…where?

Prince Harry shops discount. No, really. He was snapped during T.K. Maxx in London. Prince Harry snapped withdrawal T.K. Maxx bonus store in London on May 17.(Photo: Mavrixonline /OIC) Maybe they’re on a cost-cutting debate during Buckingham Palace? Or maybe Prince Harry unequivocally is about as normal as we can get for a British royal, […]

Hood by Air Has a Fashion Moment

The models, including a gender-contorting female performance artist from San Francisco named Boy Child, wore white-out eye contacts, light-up mouthpieces and an assortment of “luxury street wear” that included baggy pairs of athletic shorts, sweatshirts with satellite screen shots and silk-screened T-shirts. By the time ASAP Rocky closed the show — wearing a backward white […]