Why charities should be disturbed about a lobbying bill

From a Luddites to anti-war demonstrations, we have a unapproachable tradition of station adult opposite injustice. Campaigning has been increasingly regulated given 1988 and Part 2 of a government’s lobbying bill will umpire it serve – and in ways that are causing critical regard to charities and campaigners. Through a multiple of bad definition, overly […]

New lobbying check will impact charities’ ability to debate on domestic issues

The Electoral Commission, Britain’s elections watchdog, has resolved that supervision skeleton to quell domestic campaigning by charities before a ubiquitous choosing are injured and in partial unworkable. In a private lecture sent to meddlesome parties, a elect says that it has “significant concerns” about a coalition’s lobbying bill, that some tools of it might be […]

Councils charging children for their own care is a breathtaking abdication of …

Until very recently there was widespread agreement that children in care were off-limits. Most people accept that the state has a unique responsibility to children for whom it is corporate parent, protector or temporary guardian. The idea of local or national government causing harm to children in care or taking risks with their lives is […]

This supervision conflict on unions will wisecrack charities and debate groups, too

In a few weeks we will residence my initial TUC annual assembly as ubiquitous secretary. But if we do so again in 2014 we risk committing a rapist offence. This is since a cost of a association will take us over a singular allotment of gainsay a supervision skeleton to concede in a 12 months […]

Churches and charities criticize advantage cuts since of a ‘lazy robe of …

Last week misery campaigners criticised a denunciation used by apportion when describing a cuts to gratification payments. Mr Osborne criticised a “set of veteran vigour groups who exist for the purpose of fortifying each line object possibly of a whole advantages complement or of a sold benefit” on BBC Radio Five Live’s Pienaar’s Politics. Asked […]

The Changing Politics Of Health Care

Copyright © 2013 NPR. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For other uses, prior permission required. NEAL CONAN, HOST: And now it’s a supersize edition of the Political Junkie. Ken Rudin, of course, is staying with us. John Kasich, Rick Scott, now, Chris Christie – three high-profile Republican governors and outspoken critics […]

‘Government policy is causing obesity’: campaigners warn that benefit cuts …

Anna Soubry said that when she was at school it would be easy to pick out the children from deprived backgrounds because they tended to be “skinny runts”. Now, she said, the low cost and easy availability of junk food meant that the opposite was true. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph the MP […]