eBay Restricts Sale of Coupons, Buyers and Sellers Disappointed

eBay sent an email to some users on Tuesday informing them of new restrictions on a sale of manufacturer’s coupons. eBay is tying sellers to offered $100 in coupons or 25 coupons a month, and it’s also prohibiting coupons for giveaway products. The proclamation took both buyers and sellers by surprise, and they took to […]

FTC’s new children’s privacy rules due; app developers worry

45 min. Richard Lardner, Associated Press , The Associated Press AP / Chuck Burton Like many app developers, Dan Russell-Pinson, of Charlotte, N.C., is concerned that soon-to-be-issued FTC rules intended to strengthen online privacy protection for children will cost him money and curb innovation. A cellphone game for kids about U.S. geography, Stack the States, […]