The Coupon King of Columbia Heights

In a Columbia Heights area of Washington, D.C., an area thick with immature civic professionals, Edward Daniels’ hobby sticks out. So do a 32 packages of yogurt in his fridge and a 24 boxes of cereal in his cupboard. The 32-year-old Daniels is a banking shopper. Since November, he sum he’s used vital couponing to […]

Doreen Christensen: How we bought a Lexus with coupons – Sun

 I bought a Lexus ES 350 with coupons. When we purchased a shiny, china oppulance automobile in September, we motionless to compensate a bank note any month with assets we reap from coupons. I’m paid adult by December. When friends giggle during my super-saving ways and contend it’s not value a time it takes to […]

How ‘Extreme Couponing’ Is Ruining Coupons


C. Borland / PhotoLink / Getty Images It always seemed mind-bogglingly formidable to grasp a kinds of assets portrayed on a TLC uncover “Extreme Couponing.” Thanks to worse supermarket policies and a proliferation of reduction profitable coupons, impassioned assets by coupons seems officious impossible. The best coupons have dual pivotal features: They offer discounts on […]

The Fru-Gal: Matching coupons, sales is best approach to save

Coupons are only a initial step in saving money. To get a many value out of them, we should use them when a advertised products are on sale. This will give we double savings. Stores such as Target, Meijer, Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens also concede we to use an in-store banking along with a […]

10 Ways to Find Coupons for a Products You Actually Use

I suspicion we would revisit a few of a amateur tips for those of we customarily anticipating a website. We have a Couponing 101 page too and it houses all a information we need to cut your grocery check by 80% or more! If you’ve been meditative a customarily coupons accessible are for junk food and […]

Consistent banking writing can cut consumer costs considerably

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION NEW RIVER, N.C. – With gas cost inhabitant averages ceiling of $3.71 and a economy still recovering, everybody is looking to widen their dollars a small further. Military families have incited to coupons to save a few bucks during a grocery store. The Coca-Cola Company introduced a initial complicated banking during […]

Super-Couponing Tips: Are all shoppers entitled to same coupons?

Recently, we listened from readers who cruise it’s astray that manufacturers and retailers use electronic coupons. They disagree that consumers though computers or smartphones are foul released from these discounts. This week, readers continue to import in on supposed banking entitlement. DEAR JILL: we only found out that opposite newspapers discharge opposite coupons. Perhaps this […]

Shoppers get reduction impassioned about coupons

Let a impassioned couponers fill their subterraneous bunkers with pallets of discounted hand soap. The impassioned non-couponing infancy of U.S. consumers has figured out how to save but relying on junk mail or scissors.   According to coupon consulting organisation Inmar, about 3 billion coupons were redeemed in 2012. That’s down 14% from 2011, yet another group, NCH […]

Lessons From JC Penney: Don’t Mess With Coupons

Mike Ullman’s instruction for struggling J.C. Penney (JCP) has nonetheless to take shape, though during slightest one partial of a new arch executive’s devise is clear: Coupons will be back. Customers hated suspended CEO Ron Johnson’s pierce to discharge sales and coupons in preference of bland low prices, and Johnson’s backpedaling came too late. “We […] Acquires Pinterest-Like Recipe & Meal Planning Service KitchMe

Digital banking hulk is now announcing that it has acquired San Francisco-based KitchMe, a startup charity recipe saving, dish formulation and selling lists in a visible interface. The KitchMe focus is now accessible online at, and it works on both desktop and mobile browsers. Both of KitchMe’s co-founders, Stella Kleiman and Gene Reddick, before of […]