How to Explain George Zimmerman’s Verdict to Future Children of Color

1. “F-cking punks. These a–holes. They always get away.” You could quote neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman himself, telling your kids that “f-cking punks. These a–holes. They always get away,” but that could be inappropriate. For one, he used profane language, but more importantly, what Zimmerman said is all too true. Of course, you’ll have […]

Locked-up fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander claims conspiracy put him …

Alexander is convinced the women who accused him of rape and sexual assault conspired against him.

NEW YORK — Fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander has been portrayed as a predator and monster in coast-to-coast cases accusing him of raping aspiring models he lured to his apartment with the promise of fame. But here’s how Alexander sees himself: an accomplished artist featured on “America’s Next Top Model” who once worked with the […]

No charges in Modesto workman valuables sale

<!– –> Tweet – A A A + <!– –> MODESTO, CA (AP) – Modesto is building a process for equipment employees find on a pursuit after 3 open works employees were found to have sole about $2,500 value of valuables they came opposite while cleaning cesspool lines. The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office says […]

Exiled Pakistani ex-president home to ‘save’ republic notwithstanding genocide threat

(CNN) — In his initial residence given returning to Pakistan from self-exile, former President Pervez Musharraf announced his goal to run for office, observant he defied risks to “save” a country. Musharraf landed in Karachi on Sunday after some-more than 4 years in exile. He faces rapist charges, and a Taliban have vowed to unleash […]