Super-Couponing Tips: Get credit for all of your coupons

DEAR JILL: we would like some recommendation on saving coupons. No matter what store we go to, if we redeem some-more than a few coupons, a assistant doesn’t give me credit for all of them. It has happened so mostly that now we count them when we palm them to a assistant and count a […]

Confusing banking excellent imitation conundrum

The excellent imitation on a banking can be a small confusing. There’s a lot of legalese, and some of a terms competence even seem contradictory. Need assistance bargain a vernacular of savings? These readers do. Dear Jill, Most of my manufacturer coupons have diction like “Limit one banking per purchase,” “Not current with any other […]

Jill Cataldo: What happens after we use coupons?

Dear Jill: You recently wrote about stores removing reimbursed by a manufacturer. As a longtime banking user, it’s engaging to learn about couponing from a store and manufacturer’s ends. we am unequivocally meddlesome in how this remuneration works. Do a stores sinecure people to contention coupons to any manufacturer? How many people do this per […]

Jill Cataldo: Pair e-coupons with paper coupons

Dear Jill: we do not have a idea what we meant by “load-to-card e-coupons.” What card, where do we get a label and how do we bucket them? How do we bucket e-coupons around a Internet? — Jean   Dear Jean: E-coupons are simply electronic coupons, that are identical to paper coupons. You can use […]

In-store coupons: Take what we will use

I accept a lot of irritable email from readers stating on banking use and offered habits of associate shoppers. One subject that continues to bake adult my inbox involves people viewed to take some-more than “their share” of coupons. Dear Jill: we unequivocally suffer your column. we work in a grocery store and we are […]