It pays to know a store’s process on coupons

So, you’ve motionless it’s time to trim a grocery bill, and you’re going to dedicate to couponing. You clip, arrange and systematize, learn a terminology and compare coupons to sale prices. At a register, we pass your smoke-stack to a assistant who successfully scans away. But then, there’s a dreaded beep and a banking is […]

DIGITAL DEALS: Use your smartphone to find e-coupons and discounts

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Use your smartphone to find e-coupons and discounts

With one child in college and another in high school, saying a film on a large shade is a singular lenience for a family. So when a high propagandize tyro wanted some concession-stand popcorn after we bought a tickets, we rolled my eyes as she walked over, wallet in one palm and cellphone, of course, […]

Kroger banking process change: Say goodbye to double coupons in NC

  Kroger has reliable that they are changing a banking process and they will stop doubling coupons in a Mid-Atlantic region, including North Carolina. In addition, they are rolling out a new Lower Prices Program. Here are a pivotal sum of this banking process change per a e-mail we perceived from Kroger corporate: * Effective […]

Digital Coupons Find New Use — Employee Benefits

Employers who’ve attempted many things to get employees to adopt healthier lifestyles now have a new choice — giving them coupons. At a same time, startup SavingStar has found a new marketplace for a digital coupons and incentives use — employer health skeleton — as it prepares to hurl out a corner try with third-party […]

Winn-Dixie E-Volves Approach to Savings with New E-Coupons

Winn-Dixie e-coupons offer additional support to a company’s loyalty to assistance shoppers save, reflected in all of a assets programs, including a fuelperks! Reward program, weekly Make-A-Meal and What-A-Deal features, Baby Club and Buy-One-Get-One (BOGOs). In further to charity thousands of dollars in assets by e-coupons, business can use to learn about all a […]

Jill Cataldo: Pair e-coupons with paper coupons

Dear Jill: we do not have a idea what we meant by “load-to-card e-coupons.” What card, where do we get a label and how do we bucket them? How do we bucket e-coupons around a Internet? — Jean   Dear Jean: E-coupons are simply electronic coupons, that are identical to paper coupons. You can use […]