Scammers exploit the confusion over new health insurance law

One of the more controversial and confusing provisions of the law, and one that con artists might try to exploit, is the provision that requires most Americans to maintain “minimum essential” health insurance coverage. A just-released Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that about half of respondents do not understand how the law will affect their […]

Toy industry seeks to defend benefits of apps for children, but scientific …

Except that it came to realize an awkward fact: There was no science proving the benefits of such apps. The market for mobile technology for children has boomed, with some analysts estimating there are at least 48,000 developers churning out a wide range of apps for smartphones and tablets to help babies say words, sing […]

Little understanding of health-care law opens door for scams, government says

“This is the huge, new government program. There’s no doubt in my mind that the fraudsters view it as an opportunity to rip people off,” said Lois Greisman, associate director for the Federal Trade Commission’s division of marketing practices. The FTC already has issued a consumer alert about one telemarketing scheme, in which impostors claiming […]

Health Care’s Overlooked Cost Factor

But when the Federal Trade Commission finally decided to look at the deal, it encountered an entirely different objective: to gain market power. Mark Neaman, Evanston’s chief executive, had told his board that the deal would “increase our leverage, limited as it might be,” the investigation found, and “help our negotiating posture” with managed care […]

FTC’s new children’s privacy rules due; app developers worry

45 min. Richard Lardner, Associated Press , The Associated Press AP / Chuck Burton Like many app developers, Dan Russell-Pinson, of Charlotte, N.C., is concerned that soon-to-be-issued FTC rules intended to strengthen online privacy protection for children will cost him money and curb innovation. A cellphone game for kids about U.S. geography, Stack the States, […]