Jewelry burglar who shot bellman condemned to 41 years

SEATTLE — The male who shot a hotel bellman after perplexing to rob a valuables store in a bustling streets of Downtown Seattle final Sep was condemned Friday to 41 years in prison. Edmond Maynor was attempting to sack a of Express Jewelers in Westlake Mall on Sept. 21 when he dismissed a shot during […]

Decatur military detain victim’s daughter’s beloved in valuables theft

John Phillip Hale (Contributed by Decatur Police Department) DECATUR, Alabama – Following an review into a burglary of $2,600 in valuables from a internal woman, Decatur military have arrested a victim’s daughter’s boyfriend, a military news said. On Jan. 20, a lady called military to news a valuables blank from a 3400 retard of Timber […]