Health insurance options for same-sex couples

Silver Lake residents David Michael Barrett and husband Mark Peters were married in 2008 during the brief period in which same-sex marriage was legal in California. And for almost a decade, they considered themselves fortunate to qualify for work-based insurance coverage provided through Peters’ employer. But when Peters left his job last month, the couple […]

Children in gay adoptions at no disadvantage

The findings, from the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Family Research, will be published in a report by the British Association of Adoption and Fostering tomorrow. Researchers found that gay and lesbian parents are at least as good at coping with the demands of parenting. Children do not suffer any disadvantage, and the vast majority […]

If Colorado passes a polite unions bill, would Catholic Charities be fit …

It was any parent’s misfortune nightmare. Jacobb, usually a toddler, was struggling to breathe, with no transparent reason why. Jacobb’s relatives rushed him to an obligatory caring core in Fort Collins. They arrived, panicked and unfortunate to see a doctor. But they were hold adult during a registration desk. The helper didn’t know how to […]